Friday, June 25, 2010

A Good Week

Dear Friends and Family -

It has been a good week. So excited for Mariah and my prayers are going out for the Ashby Family and Dan. I'm really enjoying studying and working with my district. My district is becoming unfocused and less diligent. So it has been difficult to help them. but I've had some great counsil from my teachers and Zone Leaders and I feel like the district is on its way back to diligence. This week is the Mission President seminar, the entire 1st presidency is on campus and most of the quorum of the 12 apostles. There was a special Mission President training meeting that 250 missionaries out of the entire 2400 got to participate in, my district was included it was really cool to be able to work one on one with the new mission presidents. We had a great devotional on tuesday, from Elder Lowell Snow of the Seventy, he discussed the importance of extending commitments through faith and love for the people we are teaching. It was great and a complete answer to pray, because I had been praying and studying about faith. It was great. Tonight there is a special devotional and none of the missionaries have been allowed to know who is speaking. Rumors are flying and it is sounding like the entire 1st presidency, the anticipation is killing all of the elders and sisters here. I'll have to update you next week. Thank you mom and dad for the letters, it is so good to here about life at home, know that i'm praying for you and that I love you. After a lot of contemplation about Elder Trent Jones, he is not dead. I've seen him twice and he is on a mission, I wasn't sure for awhile. I see Elder Jake Larsen and Sister Natalie Parker usually 2 or 3 times a day, but Elder Jones is shady and a shifty character. Happy Fathers Day Dad! and Happy Birthday Beaner! sorry I couldn't send you anything on the actually days, but know that I was thinking of you. Well done on the 5K ben and tanelle I'm very impressed the most exercise I get is soccer and I'm very jealous of all you that get to enjoy this summer out in the sun and by the pool. Alicia and Aaron it is exciting to hear about the baby room and thanks for the advice and encouragement. Thank you to all of you for the mail and advice, I love it! I'm still your little brother and expect to be tutored. Thank you mom for the debt card, I got it and it works. Sorry my thoughts are so scattered, there is a clock that counts down until there is no time left on the computer, It is a big looming angry red lock and its giving me in ulcer. Thanks again Everyone for the letters and all you do. I pray for you and I love you, i miss all of you so much and I just sit and watch my digital picture frame everynight, I love having it. A shout out to miss Jennifer Lauren Parker, happy 19th Birthday on Wednesday!! Hope that it is as good and fun as last year ;) Another shout out to all the grandkids, Jens, Ellie, Tate, Drew, Garrett, Charlie, Morgan, Annaka, Porter, Skyler, Mia, Addie, Nathan, Carson, and baby Pack I love you. Love to my Siblings and Siblings In-laws and Mom and Dad!

Love Elder Matthew S Smith

PS is grandma Sanders getting any of these? if not will someone work on that. Thanks and tell her I love her

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The MTC is great!

Hello everyone the MTC is great and my companion is great as well. His name is Elder Carson and he is from Oregon he is great and I love to study and teach with him. I love getting e-mails from you all and Dear Elders as well, I love the pictures that the grand kids have sent. Thank you Addie and Annaka. There are many friendly faces here, I see Elder Larsen every breakfast and Lunch and I see Sister Parker just as much. My Zone leader is Elder Tingey from High School and one of my roommates is Eder Hill from High School. Also thank you Ben for the world cup updates, all of the Elders here were disappointd to hear that France is pretty much out. Ouch. Thank you Alicia and Tres for the advce. keep it coming! Thank you Mom for the Dear Elder and for the candy that you snuck into my luggage it was great. All of the Elders here are jealous of me, because I've recieved more e-mails and letters than days I've been here, and I have an electric picture frame and suprise candy. It was difficult to sleep the first night because It was strange to already be a missionary, Jens and Garrett it will be here sooner than you think. I love the Spirit that is here. Everytime someone testifies or shares a thought the spirit is here and tesitifies to all of us of the truthfulness of this gospel. I have already began to feel the gift of tongues, I can pray and bear my testimony in French and can communicate decently with the more experienced Elders. It is wonderful to be able to be among such great Elders. I love my district and have been called to be our District Leader, I am excited and a little intimidated because I've only been here for 2 days but I'll keep working hard and serving these elders. I pray for all of you and I love you I can feel your prayers as well. I miss you all dearly and know that the lord has called me to this work. This work is true and all of the gospel principles are true. I'm running out of time but I love you and hope to hear from you.


Elder Matthew S. Smith

PS my P-Day is Friday. Thanks again and I love you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He's off!!

Leaves today at 1:45pm. Good luck Matt!! We love you!