Friday, September 3, 2010

OH LA LA!!!!

Bonjour Tout le Monde! J'espere que tous est bien! Je vous aime!
So I just figured out how to change the keyboard into english! Last week was ridiculously difficult to type!

All is well here and I still don't speak French, but I'm starting to understand French. I hope eventually I can speak it. It is kind of hard to learn, because my companion can speak french obviously but he can't explain why he says things the way he does. So when I learn it goes like this....."zay it zike zis .....blah blah blah" I ask how it translates and he says "I do not know, just zay it zike zat". Its kind of funny and I love him teaching me but I can never remember how to say things because I don't know the translation and the grammer. I'll keep working and I know eventually it'll click :) i hope.

CARTER STERLING PACK!!! I love it! I'm so glad I now have a name to put with the face. Welcome to the family and in 2 years you get to meet the Favorite Uncle! for now you'll have to settle with the others. haha

So I have a piece of advice to all the members of the family and to all of the nephews and nieces.
LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHERS!!!!!!!! Mom you offically can say I told you so. The first week I led the music in sacrameeting and the second week I played in sacrameeting, I wish that I would have listened to you and practiced the piano and learned the hymns, it went well but I'm not gonna lie the opening hymn was pretty choppy. All those ours of my complaining and all the years of practicing and warning me "you're going to have to play the piano on your mission" has finally come true. Oh you are so wise! Dad you are wise too.....LISTEN TO YOU DADS AS WELL haha

This week we worked a lot but one of our babtismal dates has been pushed back because he is struggling with the word of wisdom. And our other one is flirting with getting pushed back as well because the word of wisdom. I keep praying and I hope that they can really dig deep and over come this trial! The word of wisdom is the thing we face the most. Everything closes here on sunday and people don't have any problems with that, The Law of Chasity is an issue but not everyone struggles with it. But almost EVERY person has a struggle with the word of wisdom. Its pretty gross how much people smoke here.

Teaching is going well, we taught 28 lessons this week, the most that Elder Magnan has seen while he has been here. I went on an exchange this week and I went to Beziers. It was good but I'm a little bit partial to Carcasonne. In Beziers we found a family of 5 at the very end of the night that was very interested in our church and the book of mormon. They even approached us and asked us who we were and were interested in the restoration. I know know if they are still teaching them, because I'm not in Beziers, but it is a definite testimony to me to keep working hard because we have found about 5 people at the very end of the day. And sometimes when I get tired and just think, wait for the end of the day and the last contact will be interested, I think its funny but I should have more faith through out the day as well.

Questions of the Week:

How is the food?
Fantastic, the rumors that we heard that I would get skinny here were all lies. If I don't keep doing my exercises here in the morning I'll weigh 500 pounds in 2012. At the same time because we walk all over the place I'm usually pretty hungery and burn off all the food by the end of the day. Last week I had the sterotypical french meal. It went like this, Sit down and eat cheese and bread with pepsi (sorry a typical mormon french meal, usually it would be wine) for like 35 minutes, then I thought that it was time for the meat or the potatos or something, more bread and different cheese for 20 minutes, then for sure I thought it was time for the real deal......a salad....... then more cheese and a Tarte au pomme(french apple pie)....more pepsi and then I was POSITIVE it was time for the meat and such. and we were done. haha It was very very french, the whole time we just talked and laughed and ate bread and cheese. It was delicious, yet very french

Can you remember how to cook?
Not really all the ingredients are different here

Did you take your college cookbook with you?
Unfortunately No

Do you live above a flower shop?
Yes in deed and i live on 3rd floor with the tiny window

What kind of fruit can you get?
All the same stuff, I really like the nectarines the most

Life is going well, and I love you all. I'm definitly jealous that I can't hold Carter for 2 years but when I get back he'll be running around and talking. I'm excited. I get pretty tired through out the day and then I think about all of you and realize I need to work how you would expect and want me to. I put back on my smile and keep going. The gospel is true and I'm so grateful for the knowledge it gives us and I hope that these people can come to that knowledge as well!

Love you all
Elder Matthew Sanders Smith

Ps. Mom in the package, send Peanut Butter!!! it doesn't exist here and I almost came back home when I found out. Ha Ha

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