Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Missionaries,Robine and Robine's friend's

Robine and Jeremie Pichon

Elder Smith, Robine, Elder Claflin

Sonia, Robine and another friend

Life is beautiful!

Robine got baptised! It was super great! A perfect baptismal service with lots of members that were there to support her, she was baptised by Jeremie Pichon, one of the coolest members ever!, he got off his mission about a year ago and he taught with us. She was just radiant after her baptism and she then left straight away to a stake relief society activity and she LOVED it! The spirit was so strong during her confirmation as well, she was crying and she was a new person, it was so beautiful. She invited her friend Sonia to her baptism ( she is in the picture with the straight hair) Sonia went to the activity on saturday with her and she has a baptismal date as well now. Robine was GOLDEN! and a real miracle, she was taught everyday by the spirit, she has been converted to real disiple of Christ and she is now inviting others to come unto Christ, the baptism was perfect the ward has accepted her just how it should happen, and we couldn't be happier! Ginette Lacan was also confirmed this week because she got baptised after Church last week! She is doing also doing well!

It was Elder Claflin's Birthday and we had a SUPER GREAT dinner with the Kool family ( the family of Greg). I love that family so much! They take care of us and we eat with them everyweek! They are so fun and I want to come back and visit them!

We had our interviews with President this week, and that went really well. We had the whole zone with us and we had a great conference together. President was feeling very very sick and was having some problems, so I asked him if he had had a blessing, he said that he hadn't and he asked me to give him a blessing. I was kinda of nervous but it was one of the neatest moments of my mission, and I really felt the spirit, we sent him off to the hotel and he came back the next morning looking great and ready to do interviews with the other 20 missionaries. I love that man, I am so grateful to have him as my mission president and I am grateful for the priesthood and the power of faith. An experience that I will never forget.

We also had the yearly primary program, and it made me miss all the kids! I love all of you! With all of the grandkids that are in the family we could have had the same size primary program at our house! I am so grateful for all of you from JENS to OWEN!

Our ami Dominque is kinda of shaky, because she has big problems with smoking, but we also have an new ami that is engaged for baptism, his name is Nicholas, he has already read the book of mormon and the doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price. He had been dropped but we found him in the books this week, he is really cool. he is about 30, french and honestly looking for the truth. He has lost some faith so we are going to have to get to work with him, but he has lots of potential to be baptised next transfer. Sonia and Nicholas are engaged for the 10th of december!

Greg is doing great and is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to a baptism date! i love him, and I know that we will decide soon when he will be baptised, we feel the spirit so strong with him everytime that we see him. He is praying for his baptismal date and I think that it will be before 2012! Cross your fingers!

I don't want to leave Aix and I don't want Elder Claflin to leave either, we are starting to tear things up with the help of the Lord and I have never been so happy and excited to work! We will do what the Lord wants and I know that even if I leave or he leaves that we will be directed by the Lord, but if it was me that was deciding, I would totally stay in Aix with him! He will be a long life friend and brother!

1. How are your P-day clothes holding up? FINE
With winter coming again do you need warm pj's? I'M FINE
Do you have central heating in your apartments or do you heat with space Heaters? I don't know, but I am warm
2. How is Robine doing? GREAT! and she is a member :)
3. Where Domonique lives, Manosque, is it far from Aix? 45 minutes if mom drives, 28 minutes if dad is driving
4. I have a Thanksgiving letter to send should I send it or hold it? NO IDEA
Do you have any idea what will happen with transfers? NOT THE SLIGHTEST IDEA ABOUT WHO but a change is very probable

You are Christmas package hunting, I know.

1 Couple paires of Gs
2 REAL LETTERS!!!! I can count the amount of tangible handwritten letters that I have recieved since last November on 2 hands
3 Razor Heads
4 Tangible pictures are cool as well

I LOVE YOU, Thank you for giving me the chance to go on a mission! I will never be able to repay you for all of the joy that this has brought me

Elder Smith

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