Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Behold my week

Monday - P day and dinner and a lesson with a less active family that is half way back to church. It is a family that started to come back when Elder Bollero and I were together. La Famille Aeberhard, they are really cool and I love them, we spoke about how they came to know what the missionaries were teaching was true. It was cool to see that their testimonies were still burning strong

Tuesday - A new missionary, Elder Stanford came into the mission all alone, so we spent the day with him, his trainer and President getting him ready for the field. I wish I could be in his place, after President and Sister Murdock took us out to a delicious restaurant and we ate this super fancy great fondue. I ordered horse, it was pretty good

Wednesday - We spent most of the day in Lyon at a Zone Leader Council and then we went and did an exchang in Montpellier. I was with Elder Brough, with whom I served in Nice, it was great. We went out into this huge square and put up a sign and talked to people, it felt like the good ole days back in Nice

Thursday - We finished up in Montpellier and then drove back to Geneva, We met some cool people while we were out contacting and knocking doors, they didn't have any appointments so we did lots of finding and I hope that they will be able to teach some of the people that we met. I contacted a less active member from the north of france and spoke with him for awhile about the sacrament and I invited him to go back to church, he was on vacation. He told me that he kept crossing the missionaries and I told him that it was not a coincidence and that he needed to come back. After all this Elder Claflin and I had a nice 5 hour road trip back to Geneva, lots of laughs and it is good to be back with him.

Friday - We spent alot of the day catching up on projects and things that needed to be done in the office and then we went out and had a really cool experience. A member is taking some post high school classes with a friend and she has wanted to inviter her to church but she didn't know how. She came up with the idea that we stand in front of the high school with a big sign that said 'LAN' on it (her friends name). When she came out of the school her friend was surprised but really loved it, the member, 3 of her friends and us spoke for awhile and gave a Book of Mormon to her friend, she was really touched and very interested in coming to church. We set another time to go see her and I hope that we will be able to teach her

Saturday - We went out and knocked doors and such and then we went and taught Anai, we taught her about the ressurection and invited her to come to the baptism of an 8 year old on sunday afternoon. It was a good lesson and she was very excited to come to church and to the baptism

Sunday - MIRACLES!!!! We went to church and we ate an easter lunch with some members and then we went to the baptism of the 8 year old with Anai. While we were sitting in at the baptism service Elder Claflin looked at me and told me that he needed to speak with Celia, a 14 year old un baptised daughter of a completely active family, so he leaded forward and started to talk to her, he felt that he should invite her to be baptised and she immediately said YES! I would love to, I have been waiting to be baptised. She thanked him and was very touched, we are going to teach her and she is getting baptised on the 5th of May!! 45 minutes later we were teaching Anai and we asked her what she thought of the baptism, she really enjoyed and in our lesson we had 3 sisters from the ward with us, they each took the time to testify of their baptisms and then we invited Anai to be baptised she said yes as well and she will be baptised on the 5th of May as well. 30 Minutes later we were eating dinner with the Celi Family and Vicente, who is a 19 year old non baptised son of a completely active family turned to us and said "when are you going to baptise me?" I said May 5th right away and he laughed, we explained how that could actually work because he was joking and then we asked him if we could teach him so that he could see if he would like to be baptised on the 5th of May and he said yes. We also spoke to one person on the street during all of this 3 hours of miracles and she invited us to teach her and her family the next day.

Yesterday - we went back and taught the woman, victoria and her daughter jessica and they are very interested in coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon, and they already know some members!

This week was full of faith and miracles, I had some great discussions with President Murdock and Elder Claflin and I have never felt so full of fire to find and baptise people, the Lord is pouring out blessings after we put a good amount of hard work and faith into Gex and I am so grateful for his mercy and love to let us work along side him.

I love you all! Happy Easter!
Elder Smith

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