Monday, June 11, 2012

They called me on a mission and a grew a foot or two


This past week we sent 2 days in Bordeaux doing an exchange and a zone conference. The zone conference was great, I am going to miss them. We also went out into a huge square and did contacting with our tripod and board and had a little fight with a drunk man. It was so funny, he was bothering all of us and I tried to divert him so I asked him to go buy me a croissant and he said yes. I gave him a couple of euros thinking that he would go his way and that that would be the end of him, he came back about 2 minutes later with a huge beer. I didn't mean to but I bought him a beer, things started to get a little crazy and just in time their were 2 police officers that were rolling by on their bikes and one of the Elders saw them and just like that our drunk man got arrested and we were left to share the gospel in peace. It was really funny and then after we actually talked to some really cool people. I am going to miss just being able to stand in the streets of France and testify to people about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. Just after we went and knocked some doors and met a really cool student that had been taught by the sisters about a year ago. He was really cool and he was very open to see us again. We taught him briefly about the restoration and about the Book of Mormon.

We also spent 2 days in Toulouse doing an exchange and a zone conference. The zone conference was again great, they always are. We went out with our board and tripod again there was a bunch of really cool people that we spoke with, we gave out a bunch of Book of Mormons and set some appointments for the elders. I love that city! We then flew from Toulouse to Geneva and I saw the Toulouse airport for the last time, I was going in the doors and felt so so strange because I remembered the exact feeling I had when I walked out of those doors when I got to France. We passed our area over to the sisters and then took over in Gex, I love that place. There are so many miracles about to happen for the sisters. The ward is on fire and there are lots of great investigators for them, they are going to have a blast. We then moved to Lyon and I have spent alot of this weekend getting lost and making the same mistakes that I made when we did a white wash in Aix. This new area is SOOOO great, I wish that I would be staying here to work more and see the work progress. We are going to FIND FIND FIND and FIND some more this week. There is nobody in the area book, actually we don't even have an area book yet. So we are just going to attack and then attack some more.

I love my mission, I have had so many wonderful blessings during these two years. I love the Lord and I love this work, I am excited to receive another calling and continue the work in a different area when I get home. I have been change by my mission, I have invited others to come unto Christ and I myself have come unto him. The day when I will meet him again, I will fall to his feet and thank him for his atonement and that is the same reaction and feeling that I have now as I near the end of my mission. I thank the Lord for his love and for his atonement, I will never leave his side and I will always serve his children. What a blessing it is have worn his name on my chest for 2 years. I took his name upon me at baptism and even though I will soon take off my tag, I will wear his name for the rest of my life.I will continue in keeping my covenants and helping others to make and keep their covenants. I love the Lord and I love my mission.

I love you all and I will see you soon!

Elder Smith

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