Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello everyone! I was so glad to hear from everyone this week! I'm getting super excited for France. Before I went into the MTC my mind was focused on franch and then I realized I wasn't going to franch yet, I was going to the MTC. But this time it's real!!!

All the elders in my district have had the same experience thus far
"Oh where are you going?"
"Oh that'd be tough and you'll be pretty discouraged."

MOST ANNOYING THING EVER! Not once does it say in the scriptures, "the field is white all ready to harvest, except france is brown". This past week this has become ever so clear to us. We have had 3 devotionals and about 5 discussions on the need for Faith in this work. I'm so excited to get to franch because this gospel is to go to "every nation, tongue and people" including france! I've been praying for my Mission President, Future Companion and for the hearts of the people to be softened and prepared!
This wednesday a new missionary came in and I was sitting next to him in the cafeteria, he is going to Tuscon and he dropped the line "Oh, France will be tough, and the people will hate you" Bad move :) We had just had a super energizing lesson on a the need for Faith, Diligence, and Obedience and we were all bubbly to get to franch. I proceded to give him the France may have a bad rap now, but in 2 years it'll have a good rap. I'm so excited to get to franch and be able to get there be obedient, faithful and work hard!
I speak more and more french each day and I have set goals to be fluent in all the tenses and the 1st 3 lessons in french, I love to speak french and I'm excited to be able to be immersed in the language!
I love you all and I'm sorry this is so short, but I've done the same thing for the last 7 weeks everyday. Thank you ben and tanelle for the shout out from philly, I'm super jealous to hear that you got to have a legit philly cheese! Lish and Aaron sounds like a crazy house and I'm excited to hear about our new baby boy. What is his name going to be?

Love you all and thank you for everything. the church is SOOOO true and i'm pumped to share it with all those in france.

Elder Matthew S. Smith

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