Saturday, August 14, 2010

La France est presque ici!!


I'm super jealous that you all get to be together at bear lake this week. I'll need to see some pictures! Play extra hard for me, and someone will need to eat an extra smore for me. I hope a good time is had by all and know that I think of all of you together alot and I'm jealous. It lightens my jealously that I get to go to France in 2 and a half days. I'm really excited to meet my trainer and the Mission President, I pray for them daily and I'm pretty pumped to meet them.

Just in case it you are not aware, my address in Toulouse is:
Elder Matthew Sanders Smith
France Toulouse Mission
4 Rue Alaric II
Compans Caffarelli
31000 Toulouse

I know that I will probably see an increase in E-Mails because I will now be on the other side of the globe, but just know that actual letters are always enjoyed as well. I should be arriving in Toulouse at 11:45 in the morning on the 17th (Toulouse Time), and hopefully I'll be able to send a quick email to you telling you that I am alive. If not I'll make a withdrawl at an ATM and you can check my bank account and see what city I am assigned to. I really excited to start teaching the people! I got a little bit of a taste of actual teaching this week at the TRC, I taught a non-member in French, he is getting babtized but is working on setting a date with provo elders, he volenteers here because he likes the missionaries. It was really fun to teach him the Plan of Salvation, and see this excitement about the gospel. I'm very anxious to see the same excitement with the people in France.
I'm going to be calling in the morning on monday around 8 or so, and if I don't get through with everyone I'll will be calling from Atlanta around 3 or so. Hopefully I'll be able to hear from you all! I'm excited!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE! I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for your B-Day but know that I love you! You better keep practicing your soccer skills so you can run circles around me when I get back. Happy Birthday Bud, I love you.
Lately I've been trying to increase my knowledge and teaching abilities with Le Livre de Mormon, it has been difficult because for all my life I have know the scriptures in English, but I've been praying and working hard and on Tuesday we had an great devotional on using the Book of Mormon with investigators. It was great and a definite answer to prayer for me. They talked about how important it is to start from the front and read, The First Presidency sent a message saying that they want people to read from the beginning in order to learn line apon line, and that we are to use the Book of Mormon as Moroni intended, witht the stories and examples of great prophets. I'm stoked to use the book of mormon this new way.
Lish, Beaner, Mom and Jen thank you for the letters this week! I love hearing from all of you! Lish, I am exstatic for this baby boy and I pray for you continually!
I talked with one of the teachers yesterday and he told me that my french was ready, I have things still to practice, but he expressed his confidence in me and it was a definite boost to my excitement. I am so grateful for the blessing I have recieved here, and being able to learn the French language.
Mom, the email worked! you are a natural, I've washed my clothes and me bags are half packed :) I already spent the travel money though.........I had to get a shot and it was $97, so that $100 dollars of traveling money is now $3 dollars. I'll probably need some more. Thanks!

I love you all and I'm excited to hear from you! Have fun at Bear Lake! Pray for the people in france and all over the world to be softened by the gospel. I love you and I know this church is true and this work will move forward.

A Bientot

Elder Smith

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