Monday, February 21, 2011

Jonathan WOW!!!!

Alright this week, we had some Elders come from Bergerac and they are staying over at our apartment tonight, so that is why I am late getting the email sent. It was fun today, we played basketball in the pouring rain and talked about BYU and JAZZ Basketball, so I now feel better. None of you give me updates and the two Elders from Bergerac get the sports page in their packages so they made up for my lack of information.

This week we had 5 AMIS at church, I don't know if that means anything to you, but that is most success that PĂ©rigueux has seen in over 6 months! The members were jumping out of their skin! People were starting to make jokes about me being the posterity of Joesph Smith and that is why this week we saw so many blessings. I think it is the Faith of Elder Bennallack that is moving the work forward. We honestly didn't do a whole lot of things differently, but the Lord blessed us and has moved more work forward himself.

Jonathan our ami that is getting baptised on the 6th is perfect. He accepted the word of wisdom like it was nothing! "Yeah, it is true when I drink wine, coffee or even smoke one cigarette, there is a little voice that tells me I shouldn't, and if I do it leaves" He is the koolest person ever! This weekend he went to a YSA conference in Bordeaux and he was asking questions and participating and the director of institute for all of France asked him why he hadn't left on a mission yet, and Jonathan replied because he is only getting baptised in 2 weeks! The instructor was shocked that he wasn't a member. We were teaching him and his brother about the restoration of the priesthood and I honestly think that he testified more than we did. He is so kool and he loves the gospel, I am so grateful for the love of the lord that he has felt and that we have felt. I can honestly say that the lord has done all of the work, we teach the lessons and that is about it. The lord had already prepared Jonathan long before we met. I love him and I love my Heavenly Father for giving me the chance to meet Jonathan.

I love you all and maybe next week we will have some more news about other amis. The work is moving here. and I am loving it. I love you all as well!!!!

LOVE Elder Smith

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