Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(Aix en Provence) X on Pro vonce

Hello Family

1. How do you pronounce Aix en Provence?
See the Subject of the email
2. Where is Elder Claffin from - tell us a little about him. Did he break his back in the MTC?
Elder Claflin is from Ceder Hills utah, he is great and speaks french SOOOO good, he did brake his back in the mtc and had to go home for 10 weeks and he then came straight to the field, he was supposed to stay home for a year and a half but he was tremendously blessed and was healed in a matter of 10 weeks. He has served almost his entire mission in Switzerland and is loving the south, he is a Door to Door type of missionary. He contacts but he has done door to door for most of his mission, I am a contacting missionary, so it is different but still great. Thus this week I did my first day of door to door
3. How is it to drive there? Is the car an automatic? In the movies the roads look narrow.
I learned how to drive stick shift today, I got out of first my first time and I am working on shifting at full speed. The roads are CRAZY and super narrow and confusing so I gave up and bought a GPS 2 days ago
4. Do you still have a mission newsletter like the "Banniere"?
Yes it is called L'Etantard

5. Someone we met (can't remember who) has family or friends living in Grenoble that is in your mission right? Is it your zone?
yes in the mission not in the zone

6. Haven't heard about Elder Allen or Fitch or Elder Magnan for a while? From what we read the temple is going to be very close to Elder Magnan's home. I attached an email with all of that
7. Have you seen or heard of Gloria's daughter Sister Tiffany Bartlome?
she is in grenoble

Today I got hit by a car and I am limping a little bit, and I can feel my pulse in my leg, but don't worry it is not as bad as it sounds, the sad part is, is that my collegue was driving the car! CRAZY!!!! but SO Funny!!!! We laughed for a long time

if it consists I will tell you next week


Elder Smith

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