Monday, July 11, 2011

No school like the old school

Old School is the kool school!

I will explain, I don't know why but with summer arriving we have like no amis that are progressing towards baptism, we are finding good amounts of people but we get to like 1 or 2 lessons and then people disappear or just loose interest. We taught like 22 lessons this week so we have things to do but we don't have a lot of people that are progressing for the moment because we baptised all of the good ones. So this week we have been doing a lot of finding efforts, and by the inspiration of our new mission president we have started a new way of contacting and it was A BLAST!!!!!!

It actually was't that new, if you remember the back in the old days, a missionary got up on a soap box and yelled the restored gospel at the top of his lungs and invited everyone to come unto christ. That is how we do contacting :) ok ok so we are not quite as cool as the old school but almost. We take a big easel with a picture of christ and the 1st vision and then we just talk to people about the restored church, we went to the down town of nice where there was tourist and shoppers and trams and buses and taxis and skateboards and people playing jazz music and breakdancers and a huge fountain and the ELDERS. It was great!

At one point Elder Harris got excited and did jump up on a little post and held the book of mormon up in the air and started talking/yelling about the restored gospel we are teaching a young student that was listening tomorrow.

All in all we are doing well and we started waking up eariler so that we have more time to work out and study and have more of the spirit with us, we still have moments of fatigue and we are going to keep working hard so that we can be better, but nevertheless it was a fun week.

I came across a scripture in the Doctrine and covenants this week that hit me, it was a scripture that I have read before and I don't even remember the reference, I think it is like 58:3 or something, but it just pointed out the fact that the elders needed to spread the gospel in order to have salvation, the spirit smote for a second and I realized that I really need to work harder or my salvation is up in the air! yikes!

I am happy to hear that carter is doing better and that everybody is going well,

I love you all!!!

Elder Smith

ps Dad - 1 Rimas Civanovic has his mother, brother and 2 cousins here in Nice and he has a sister in Brest and more cousins all over france.
2 - Bastille Day is this thursday are we are having a picnic with our amis and the members and we are going and playing soccer up in a park that over looks all of nice and monaco and the beach, should be kool

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