Monday, August 15, 2011

Repent ye!!!!!!

So it seems that Bear Lake came and went and that a good time was had by all, I would just like to call my brothers and sisters to repentance real quick.

This week I re read 1st Nephi, as part of my goal to finish the Book of Mormon in French before 2 transfers. And I saw some similarities between The Smith Family and The Lehi Family ( it ig wierd we don't know their last name).

Similarities, 1 There is a righteous younger brother that follows the Lord, is super muscular and hunts beasts
2 There is wicked siblings that dance and sing and make there parents super tired

I think that mom and dad both said how you all wore them out this past week ha ha

So I had some requests about todays subject from dad, and so here goes

"Tell us about your companions, your president, the countryside and your heart."

Companion - Elder Claflin Honestly one of my favorites, right next to Elder Magnan, Brough, and Bennallack. We laugh constantly and we work well together, He is from Ceder Hills, but he grew up in Wyoming. He is a stud and I will send a picture. He speaks french really well, and thus we don't speak english together. Which I love, this is the first time since Carcassonne that I have had a companion that speaks french better than me, and I love it. I get to learn again, I was learning before but now we are getting the little grammer quirky things. I love French and France. The Lord picked well.

President Murdock is much more "loving" directed. I never had the impression that I wasn't loved by President Carter, I really really really love President Carter and I miss him a lot, but President Murdock is also great. He has made several mission changes, he kept alot of our email and music rules, and he as kept a bunch of swiss rules as well. But he is much much less focused on the numbers or the work we do, but more about how we feel. He is the CEO of OC TANNER and is a teddy bear. He will be coming to Aix this week for interviews.

The Countryside is great, we have the sea like 30 minutes from us and we have some pretty famous rock climbing and hiking mountains about 45 minutes from us. So we see lots of backpackers and tourists. We walk through lots of little courtyards and small smart car size streets. We also have seen some of the nastiest appartment complexs ever, we are only 30 minutes from Marseille so there are a pretty good amount of muslims ( I am not racist, but for the most part the muslim neighborhoods are pretty un clean and sketchy. when I say sketchy i mean GHETTO!!! For example the other day we came out of an apartment building and there was like 5 men argueing and I think there was maybe 1 sober one, and a guy with a crowbar so we peaced out pretty quick (that changed pretty quick from the countryside but you asked so I told )

My Heart is pretty good, I think that I eat pretty well, but by genes I think that my cholestrol is a little high ..
but in all in all my heart is good. especially as i look back on what I have been able to experience as a missionary. It is when I think about old companions, members, amis, cities or baptisms that my heart rejoices. I don't know if I have made a print on the work but the work has made a print on me. I know that the book of mormon is true. as I have started over again, the spirit just pours out of it. I enjoy reading in french, I don't know why but the scriptures touch me more in french. When I read in english I stubble on all the th's and ilt's. I feel good about the work, and I just wish that we could get somebody commited to baptism soon, we are so close with some people, but the devil has sent his opposition. I don't like the devil, I think he's a jerk.

but I love you all and I know that the lord loves you!!

Have a great week
Elder Smith

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