Monday, August 8, 2011


Send all things to me that you want me to get soon, with the change of the mission it will take at least 6 weeks to get to me if you send it to the mission home. Also don't forget to put "Les Missionnaries/Elder" because that is how the mailbox is marked. I think it will probably be a good idea as well to just put my address on the blog, if you are still doing the blog. Even though nobody writes me from the blog, we have got to show so faith and give them a chance with the current address (Moro 7:33)

So this week was pretty good, we were really busy with travels and stuff but we still found time to teach a good amount of lessons and find some new people that are super awesome. With the white wash , we kind of started from ground zero with everything. I am loving it, our area that was pretty dead, 3 weeks ago is looking more and more like a well maintained part of the vineyard. We have beening findind lots of sincere people that are honestly seeking the truth, and we are finding them through members! I don't know if you realize how much of a blessing that is, I have recieved 2 genuine referals from members and we babtised 1 and the other is still recieving the lessons. 3 referals from members! 1 in 3 referals given by members is baptised and 1 in 1200 people contacted by missionaries in the street or by door to door is baptised! Member work is by far the most effective way of sharing the gospel, because the investigators have a built in support, they get to see the blessings in the life of a normal person. When paul taught about missionary work he said "be an example of the believers". In that sense you are doing missionary work that is
400% times more effective than me, and I do it 24/7 and you do it with constantly and by small acts of charity and love. You all are great missionaries!

Nevertheless, the lord has blessed us with some great people to teach, thanks to our members!
Sophie - she is a patient of a member that is a doctor, he is a cancer doctor and she is very very believing, he said nothing to her about his religion, but she kept talking about healing by the laying on of hands, finally after several treatments it was pretty much decided that she was going to die, but he felt pushed by the spirit to explain that he was a priesthood holder, he gave her a blessing and now 5 months later, she has no signs of cancer, she had a huge tumor on her throat and she was basically slowly dying. Now we teach her and she has tons of questions and is skeptical of the "mormons" but she knows that there is something special with us because it healed her
Kahina - 32, a study from canada gave her a book of mormon and it touched her, and she wants to have the testimony of it in her life
Mia - 24 she is from romania and she is living with a member family as a student. She noticed that they prayed alot and that they were different, she has never believed in god, because she was taught in a comunnist school that he didn't exist, but she wants to know if he exists and she wants to pray. She is really really sincere and nice

we have found several other amis, and they are doing well and we are loving teaching them, I LOVE THIS WORK!

We went to Lyon this week as well to have a zone leader conference with president, that was really kool to be taught by him and to be able to discuss the work on such a large scale. We drove for 6 hours in total and we sat in the meeting for 6 hours as well, we ate for 1 hour, it was pretty much wake up drive, listen and feel the spirit, eat, listen and feel the spirit, drive, go to bed. Crazy, crazy crazy

I also went to the french consolate and got my visa for this 2nd year in france, so it is sure I will be staying till next june ;)

Well there you go, I hope that you have a great week!

Love Elder Smith

ps THANK YOU POULSENS!!!!! I loved the update! xbox's, bear lake, babies, vacations, weddings and all sorts of good things! I love you and I pray for you!
pss mom, sorry that you got my package back, and i am even more sorry you ate the oreos that you sent me, It is the thought that counts!...........and the oreos

allez, biscous, ciao!

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