Monday, October 25, 2010

Bonjour a tous, il fait froud mais nos coeurs sont chaud!!!

Dear Everyone,
I am doing well, and this week was good, chilly but not bad, the vineyards are starting to turn red and the leaves are turning yellow, it is really really pretty. I hope that you all are doing well as well. Halloween is coming up and I expect lots of pictures, I need to know what all the grandkids are being, and by the way Grandma and Grandpa and giving extra candy to anyone that dresses up like Uncle Elder Smith for Halloween!!
This is my shout out to Karlee Phelps (Willey), I got your wedding annoucement and I just want to say congrats! You two look great, and I'm super excited for you both!
We taught our Amis - Carlos, who is getting baptised on the 7th of November - It was a good lesson on friday with him and at the end of the lesson he told us that his wife had already explained it to him a little and that he wanted to follow the commandment, that made our job really easy. He told us that he would throw away his alcohol and that he was going to do it, so that he could be baptized. On Sunday he told us that he had had dinner with some friends on saturday and they started the night by offering him alcohol, talk about immediate opposition. He then told us that he said, no and that he just wanted water, his friends persisted, and he just said "no thanks", that my friends is what we like to call faith! I was so proud of him when he told me and I can see that he is changing and he will be completely ready for his baptism! It was a rewarding moment for me to see him gain a small testimony so quickly.
Another Amis - Didier, he is 30, smokes like a chimney and is big, has a scruffy beard and lots of tattoos - he looks scary but he is a GIANT TEDDY BEAR, I love him. He is super kool, the other day when I was on an exchange Elder Magnan saw him, sitting in front of the train station, just chillin' playing his ukulele. Needless to say, Didier is my kind of guy. We taught him the word of wisdom this week as well, and invited him to reduce the amount he smokes per day, he used to smoke about 30 cigarettes per day!!! and now he is down to 15. He invited him to church and he said that he was going to go out and party with his friends, we told him that he would be tempted to drink and smoke if he went out and partied on saturday night, he knew it was the truth. He decided to follow the commandments and he came to all 3 hours of church on sunday and told his friends that he didn't want to go out and party with them. Again it was another rewarding moment to see him choose the right. He is engaged to be baptized on the 13th November, if he keeps choosing the right he will be well ready as well.
This week was good, we taught well and stayed diligent in some tough moments, we went out in to the countryside 2 times for lessons. We were in the rolling hills of southern france, surrounded my sheep, vineyards and fall colors. It was beautiful, we taught Carlos one time and a less active brother, both who live about 45 minutes to an hour away from Carcassonne, the members help us SOOO much, it would be the same sacrafice for you to offer the missionaries a ride to Logan and back. As you can tell the members are so good.
Speaking of the ward, the piano played got released yesterday, and guess who got called as the ward pianist in the Carcassonne......yep you guessed it.......alright mom, go ahead and say it "I told you so".. I should have practiced more......
I love you all, and I hope that you have a great Halloween!!! I loved the package mom!!! The dried Mangos are so good and I've loving the church news!
LOVE , Matt

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