Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Q & A

1. Where do you type your emails?
-at a cybercafe in Centre Ville

2. Why is the English family in France and what was their name I can't find it in my mail?
- The Kersey's lived in Utah for 7 years and the father started a computer programming company in Carcassonne and so they moved here, they choose Carcassonne because it is pretty and they wanted their children to see the mission field and learn the culture. They are really nice and Sister Kersey cooks delicious American Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes, they feel us usually 1 time per week and it is A-mazing!

3. Why am I writing on a Tuesday?
- Yesterday was the French equivilant of Memorial Day and everything was closed, so we couldn't go grocery shopping or do the e-mails

I'm so happy that you talked to Sister Hatch! When she asked me what I wanted her to tell you I just said "I'm alive, I love you, I'm working hard, and I'm living a fairytale". So if nothing else that is the message of the week.


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