Monday, December 27, 2010

Bonne Année et Bon Anniversaire pour moi!!!!!

Well this will be short because I'm back on a french keyboard and it is too frustrating to type.
I absolutely loved seeing all of you! I didn't get so see jen but I loved the text shout out! Christmas was a little wierd for me, just because I was teaching people on the streets and giving lessons then I TALKED WITH MY FAMILY and then I came back to the real world of speaking french and teaching people. Needless to say it wasn't part of my normal routine, but It was great. I thought that it was great being able to skype, I wasn't sure how everyone was going to fit in the den, but you pulled it off. I thought it was super cool and I'm glad I got to see everyone. Expect JENS, I saw you for like 2 seconds and then you went of hiding from me. I'll have to thump on you when I get back, but even if it was short for some of you, know that I love you and I loved seeing you.

Périgueux is really pretty. There are 3 cathedrals and a river that runs through the city with 6 or 7 bridges that cross it. It is more in the forest than Carcassonne. Carcassonne was like a castle surrounded by vineyards and Périgueux is like a little city hidden in the hills and the woods. It is really pretty.

I'm with Elder Heywood, he is from Arizona and I love him. We laugh it up all day and it is super fun. He is a great missionary, but right now he is struggling a little bit with the language. Were going to fix that. President told me to really speak french with him so that is what we have been doing, he is already getting alot better. We both are young and we want to see some miracles here, so we are going to DO WORK!

1.What kind of history does this area have? Branch/ Ward Do you have a building or is it a rented place? Périgueux is Branch and has a Building, Elder Magnan was in Périgueux last transfer and did alot of good work here. Apparently they had some less than awesome missionaries here, about 1 year or so ago, and ever since the city has been suffering a little. But it is on the mend now and we are going to see baptisms soon.

2. How big is the ward? How does it compare to Carcasonne in size as far as members goes? It is a Branch with about 40 to 50 active members

3, Who is getting baptized on your Birthday?
His name is Simon and he actually got really sick this sunday and couldn't come to church so he is getting baptised on the 9th. Now it's just a late birthday present.

4. What is your apartment like?
European. It over looks a little ally way and other buildings and is about the size of the Den with a tiny kitchen and bathroom, I haven't visited a lot of apartments but I heard that is one of the smallest in the mission

5. From the map it looks like you are further North and closer to the Bay of Biscay is it colder? Yeah it is chilly, I wear pyjamas underneath my suit

6. What does being the District Leader entail? How big is your district?
I do calls everynight to check on the other companionships and I do exchanges with every missionary in the district to help him find better ways to work, I do district meetings and train the missionaries in the distirct 3 times during the transfer. I do baptismal interviews for the amis in our district. Our district is Brive, Périgueux and Bergerac, it is one of the smaller districts in the mission. There are only 6 missionaries

7. Who are your amis? Périgueux doesn't have a whole lot of amis for the moment, but we have Simon-male 25, Olivier -male 35, Chantal -female 35 that are progressing.

I love you all!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Mom! and Happy New Year!!!

Elder Smith

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