Friday, December 17, 2010

Yo What up?

So I was half way through my email and I got some weird virus prank thing on my computer and now I lost everything! Stinkin' Internet Cafe's

This Week was good but now I have no time to tell you about it.
I got both of the Packages this week, I got the Christmas package before the other one, I don't know how it happened! Me and Elder Sautron are still not really nsync (by by by), but we are doing better. Little by little we are working out the kinks, but needless to say we had an INTENSE campionship inventory this week. wow. almost World War 3. but it's all good now. I did an split with Elder Allen, and I think that I laughed for about 24 hours straight, It was so fun. We decided that we are going to be companions before the end of our missions, I don't how we will work it out, but it is going to happen. We both have the same attitude about missionary work, and it was fun again, not to say that it isn't fun with elder sautron, but it was nice to be happy to work again, not just tired and sluggish.

Shout Outs:MOM AND DAD: Happy Anniversary!!! One of your best choices by far in my opinion! One Choice = One Beautiful Family
JEANELL AND KY: Happy Anniversary! Another great choice, I gave you less (!) because I'm not a result of your choice, but I really do hope that you both have great anniversary's
PORTER: Wow you are big and I can't believe it. Don't grow up too fast, I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
JEN: We can never trust him again.
MIKEY: Toss up between Lady in Red and Stop, Hammer Time

1. How are things going? See above paragraph

2. You said that you had learned alot about yourself like what?
I've learned how to motivate myself without the help of some else, and I've also learned that a companionship doesn't work very well when we are not trying to learn -what I mean by that is...if we make mistakes and start blaming the other person, we go know where, but when we realize we aren't perfect and that we are just going to learn and be different the following time. When we have the attitude of learning and trying new things we improve, but when we have the attitude of blaming and being negative, we don't improve and our relationship weakens.

3. Who are your amis now?
Joel - engaged to be baptised but smokes
Caroline - engaged to be baptised but smokes
Conchita - she lives in our stairwell and she is really lonely and sad, and the day that I heard grandma was sad and lonely I asked her if we could teach her, she said yes and turns out she prays everynight to know the truth, she is now reading the book of mormon and engaged to be baptised when she gets the answer to her prayer. I love her, she is great!
Caroline 2 - girl friend of member, they are getting married and she is engaged to be baptised and she accepts EVERYTHING, she wants be married in the temple so bad!
Jeremy and Lucas - Young students that are interested in the mormons
Ally - Young Budtist, hippy, super smart guy, that is interested in the mormons.
VANESSA AND BENOIT - we taught them on saturday and they agreed to keep being taught!!!! I'm pumped for that
4. Do you have interviews with the president? YES If so how often? once every 3 months.

I love you all and I will know on Friday if I'm being transfered or if i'm going to stay in Carcassonne! Thanks for the packages and emails they were great!

Bonnes Fetes!
Love Elder Smith

Christmas package!!!! (it was perfect! scarfs, ties, pens, ihome, SCOTCH-A-ROOS, camera, gloves, jello and fruit snacks!, wow I loved it and I love you, thank you soooo much!)

Elder Sautron and I

Oh just Elder Smith and Elder Allen doing a little bit of service together in a little village named Capendu in the South of France, no biggee

Me and my Basket-Balla's David and Leo

Service Project this morning (we were cutting firewood with a chainsaw, they were impressed that I could just a chainsaw well - it wasn't impressive, I give the credit to Dad for teaching me at the rental houses)

Elder Smith eating some Fruit by the Foot like a Champion (I love American Candy, thanks for sending it)

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