Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bonjour à tous, C'est moi Elder Smiss

This week was good, we decided that we were going to invite EVERYONE to come to church and that we were really going work for it. So we had our district meeting on Tuesday and we discussed getting people to come to sacrament meeting, after the district meeting I went to Brive on an exchange and worked with Elder Nicholes, I had already done an exchange with him before in Beziers during my 2nd week in the mission. So it was kool so see how we have changed and I really enjoyed working with him again. I got back to Périgueux on Wednesday and got back to work. Our Amis' are dropping like flies and we spent a good amount of time in the streets this week inviting people to come to church and trying to find new people. We met several people that were sincere about wanting to come to church but they didn't want to give us contact numbers. We invited them anyways and prayed that they would come to church, we did this on Friday and Saturday as well. We prayed and went to Church and were really praying to get people out to sacrament meeting and we had a total of ................0 amis' at church. Don't worry this isn't a depressed e-mail but needless to say we were a little bit let down on Sunday. We have planted some seeds and invited people and that is all we can do, the Lord will do the rest if these people are ready for the gospel.
At Church on sunday we had one of our recently reactivated members back to church, while we were sitting in sunday school and I was teaching about the Plan of Salvation, her 22 month baby puked ALL OVER DA PLACE!!! wo I don't know where the little thing was hiding all of that stuff, her mom picked her up and ran to the bathroom and before she got there the child had repeated this same process about 5 times ALL OVER HER MOTHER!!! It was really really gross and there was plenty of mess to clean up. I called a change of plans and he went janitor style for sunday school. In all reality it was really sad, we came to find out that this child has been sick for about 2 months, we called another changed of plans and taught about the priesthood and blessings. We then gave her a blessing with a couple of the brothers. During sacrament meeting this happened again and then off they went to the hospital, we prayed for them that day and that night. and thanks to our heavenly father she has been released from the hospital and she has been cleared from the sickness. It was a cool story, that we had to laugh about to keep from cry. haha

I had zone Conference yesterday, and it was great as well. I loved hearing from president and sister carter. there is another story that I have to tell you in 2 years because it is WAY TOO LONG, but one of the elders in my district was going to go home early this week and after some good talks with president Carter he is being emergency transfered to Bordeaux and I'm getting a new missionary to the district, it is actually one of my friends from the MTC Elder Barton he is my same age and he is becoming the senior companion for his first time so I will be doing a couple extra exchanges with Bergerac in the up coming weeks.

Thanks to you all, especially MOM and DAD and JEN who wrote me, I love to hear from you so much!!!

LOVE Elder Matt

Q and A

1.Who plays the piano in your branch in Perigueux?
NOT ME!!!!! yeah! Brother Hamilton plays

2. Is Danny Allen still in your district or Zone?
He is in Angouleme (sp?) and he is in my Zone, I saw him yesterday at Zone Conference and it was absolutely wonderful, we just sit there and laugh every time that we see each other

3. What are you eating? Pasta and Rice Are you both cooking? YES Do you need recipes? No we are both creative people

4. How big geographically is your district? BIG, probably 60 km radius
How long does it take you to get to your other cities? It takes an hour by train to go to Brive and it takes 50 minutes by bus to go to Bergerac
Do you stay over when you go to do splits? YES

5. How big is your zone? Big about 1/3 of the mission
How many missionaries are in your zone? 24 How many zones in the mission? 4

6. Your building is a regular church building like in Carcasonne? Yes, it is exactly the same

7. Do you eat crepe's a lot or is it like hot dogs in the USA eat them on the 4th of July or on a picnic? It depends, 1 or 2 times a month. But I have a bagette about everyday and usually a patistery every 2 days.

8. If you do eat them a lot what do you like in them? Nutella or Jam

9. Is your weather still real cold? Nope, it hasn't been below 45 C for about 2 weeks

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