Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Un petit mot de Perigueux (Perry guh)

First things first, I got 3 packages this week!!!!! It is official that you are all too good to me. That you Jeanell, Jodi, and Mom. I don't know if there are others on the way but, I got 3 this week and I will relate the story of that glorious wednesday. I got all of the packages on the same day. I ran giddily up the stairs of our apartment building with 2 packages in my arms. I came into the apartment and began to tear into them, wrappers were flying between cries of joy, a scarf, beef jerky, mangos, snickers, candy bars, oreos, peanut butter, an SD card with new pictures, a card that played music different than Mo-Tab!, and plenty of other things. I opened the oreos and crunched that piece of heaven between my teeth and sighed with cookie in my mouth "God Bless America!". I later went to leave the apartment and found a 3rd package with LONG JOHNS in it. I was thrilled, I had said to elder heywood just the day before, " I wish I had long johns like yours" and voila. I got some!! It was great, I love you all!
I also would like to express my jealously to Ben and Tres for leaving me out of the Brother Ski Trip, that sounds rad and I hope that it is great, and I demand that we have another in 2012.
The work is still a little slow but it is picking up, we found a single mother with a son that is now reading the Book of Mormon, we also have a friend of a member that is interested and came to church. The Branch President has also began to take a liking to the missionaries and he trusts us more, he wants to work more with the members and he is willing to teach with us. I'm not sure what has changed but it is good. He calls us and asks us if we need help and if we can help with the ward almost everyday, it is alot better.
I want to tell a small funny story as well, we were walking this week at about 8 30 and there was a drunk homeless man and his dog walking towards us, (that isn't rare, there are alot of bums in France and luckly the bums in Périgueux like "Les Mormons", when we walk pass them they usually shake our hands or give us a fist pound and say "Sup Mormons", we also gave them candy for Christmas so that helped too. So we are walking towards one of the bums and just as we pass he yeld "BOOOOO!!!" I jumped, and let out a little girly squeak and he kept walking, I don't why I told you this story, but Elder Heywood and I laughed about it for about 15 minutes.
Fast story, we walked past this african woman infront of the church, and started to unlock the gate at the church we I looked back and decided to go back to her, she was carrying her groceries and she was exhausted, we hadn't really noticed before. We went back and asked if we could help her, she told us that she had said a prayer when we passed and said "Jesus, if these boys are really your servants send them to help me please", we indeed came back to help her, we carried her groceries to her apartment (which were stinkin heavy for 2 twenty year olds, and she is about 40 and had carried them alone) we carried them for about a block and up the stairs and she had carried them for like 20 blocks. She was so tired and we were gratiful to have been able to help, we didn't talk about the church because she was so tired but we will be going back this week.
Well thats all folks, but I want you to know that I know this church is true and I am so glad to be a part of the great work, do you best to help the work move forward in your wards too.
Elder Smith

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