Monday, January 31, 2011

Change, Change and more Change

I don't have a lot of time to write this week, but I love you all and I was so happy to see so much mail!
Well lets get started. CHANGES!!!!!!!

1. Elder Heywood is being shipped of to Avignon
2. I have been called to be a trainer, and I will be getting my son tomorrow in Toulouse! To be honest I'm scared to death but it is just what I needed, this is going to push me to my best. No options. I can already tell you that I will be exhausted this transfer but I am so excited to get this new missionary. I just want to be as good as my trainer was (ps my father,trainer, is sitting next to me as I do my emails this week, because we are on exchanges in Bordeaux), I am sure that he was by brother in the pre-existance, I love Elder Magnan!
3. I am no longer in the mission of Toulouse! Yep thats right, as of next July my mission doesn't exist. It is now the Mission of Lyon, we will double in size, right now our mission is 3 stakes and we will be getting 3 more stakes! I don't know if I am very excited about the change, because I opened my misson call and was filled with the excitement (as you all saw) when I saw TOULOUSE and now I will be leaving out of Lyon and doing all sorts of Conferences there. It is ok, but I was very surprised and we'll see if I ever get up north.

Voila! The changes of the week. Right now I am in Bordeaux with the Zone Leaders (Elder Magnan and Elder Mayer, they are frenchies) and with the other trainers of the Zone. There are only 2 trainers that are from our zone. Me and ELDER ALLEN!!! It is crazy. Elder Allen and I will be spending this PDAY together and tomorrow until we get our sons. So really right now in France, Elder Allen and Elder Smith are companions and Elder Gibbons and Elder Smith are companions!! It is a very small world.

This week was better than last week, we taught more and we found some more people to teach.

We found a new family. It is the brother of a member that has remarked that when they are at their sisters house they feel "something", and when the missionaries are over they feel the same thing. They want to understand how a family can be together forever. GOLDEN!!! We were very excited to meet them

Also, we found a lady on the street, named Sophie. She is 45 and not married, doesn't smoke or drink, respects the law of chastity and is looking for the true church. GOLDEN!!!! She has read up to 2 Nephi and she told me the book was true and the Joesph was a prophet. I happily agreed :) It is my goal to get her wet this transfer!! (babtised)

Alright you kids, keep it real and stay kool. I love you all and I hope that I servive this week.

Elder Smith

ps I will be doing a baptism interview as well this week in Brive. I hope that I even get to show my son his city!

Map of new mission boundaries


New Mission President that I get in July

Kent Hyrum Murdock, 63, and Barbara Coulam Murdock, five children, East Mill Creek 12th Ward, Salt Lake East Millcreek North Stake. Elder Murdock is an Area Seventy and a former stake president and counselor, high councilor, bishop, bishop's counselor and missionary in the Franco-Belgian Mission. Chief executive officer, O.C. Tanner Company. Born in Montpelier, Idaho, to Joseph Grant and Sarah Ora Griffiths Murdock. A ward Relief Society compassionate service leader, Sister Murdock is a former counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency, ward Primary president and teacher, ward Young Women president and adviser, and stake young single adult adviser. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to John Louis and Verna Tobler Coulam.


The District

The middle of nowhere (Farges France, next to Montpon)

Elder Heywood and I, keeping in kool with some pythons ( we had dinner with a family that has pythons, twas kool)

Elder Heywood and I

My Father (Elder Magnan) and I

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