Monday, March 21, 2011

Tower of Babel (continued)

So I have some good news and some bad news.
This week we went back to the tower of babel and taught Danielle ( she was engaged for baptism in the Ivory Coast), we taught her with Jonathan (he is still incredible! he blesses the sacrament each week and bore his testimony as the stake priesthood meeting, he has recieved a calling to be a ward missionary, is making plans to go to the temple in like 2 months and has already set up his mission fund, WOW) but anyways he came with us to teach Danielle and he bore his testimony again about Joseph Smith, needless to say Danielle is re-engaged for baptism, but this time it is in PĂ©rigueux
We were supposed to get Fabiola and Kevin baptised this week, but Fabiola got super sick and she couldn't come to church and so she won't for the week and Kevin either, so their baptisms have been rescheduled for after general conference
Speaking about general conference. mom, I can get the ensign in english but it will stay in the apartment and they some how find a way to disapear, so I would love a personal copy in english.
Speaking about sending things. if you are going to send something to me, I would love some more peanut butter but for sure I would love some new razor heads (Fusion 5 blades, non-power) I think that we bought like 16 before I left for like 25 dollars and here it costs 25 euros for like 8
I love you family but I gotta run
Elder smith

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