Monday, March 28, 2011

Nap :)

Hello family, I love you all and I hope you all are doing well and that you know that I love you. Mom gave me the update on you and all the happinings at home. Sounds like everybody is doing well and that you all are having some good times.

Mom and Dad - Thanks for the emails and for the love sent my way, know that it is sent right back and that I love to hear about what is happening at home. You both sound very comfortable as you talk about the family, the ward, the houses, work.....and GOING TO FLORIDA! What is this? both of you started off your emails with "well this week we are doing just some usual things with the grandkids and this and that and then tomorrow we are just going to florida" WHAT? This isn't fair. I feel like you are taking advantage of the empty nester situation way too much, and it sounds way too enjoyable!

Lish, Aaron and Carter - Life is busy like usual, but I loved to see the pictures of Carter, he looks like a little stud and I can't believe when I finally meet him, he will be walking and talking. It is crazy. Between work, carter, church, the house and all the laughs I think that you have got your hands pretty full.

Tim, Sara, Jens, Ellie, Tate and Drew - Dad gave me the low down on an ice caving camping trip, I am glad to hear that Jens stayed warm and that Tim played it smart and stayed inside. Hereing that Sara and the kids went off to go skiing made me super jealous, I miss the slopes like crazy and apparently it was a bombin day! I hope you got a little extra powder for me, ( also made me a little jealous to hear that jen tore up snow as well) The Poulsens and I will have to take a skiing day trip when I get back!

Tres, Elizabeth, Garrett, Charlie, and Morgan - Sounds like the basement is up and rolling, and that soon you will be getting out the big scissors and cutting the ribbons. I was glad to hear that Papa Todd has again set the bar for an another Eagle scout! Good luck Garrett!

Ben, Tanelle, Addie, Nathan and Carson - After some serious re-reading I think that you got good results from the "match" and that you will be staying in New Jersery for a little bit, It seemed a little stressful and I don't know if I understood everything, but I think in the end it was happy news, except for the fact that Ben is 31! Ouch, you are almost dead :)

Ky, Jeanell, Annaka, Porter, Skyler and Mia - The twinners are off and running and there is a little bit of spring fever up in Logan from what I understood, things are as crazy as ever, but everybody is still fighting the good fight!

Jodi - That is what I like to hear, still "still down in the trenches, saving babies!" It has been along time since I heard about 5 date man, was he a loser? or did I get dropped from the circle of trust?

Grandma Sanders - Hey Hey, still being of good cheer! I am glad to hear that you were out for the monthly smith extravaganza and that you were able to keep all those crazy kids in line! at least somebody is keeping an eye on all of these hooligans while I am away :)

As for me I still am in france, it was a very normal week and it was good, full of contacting, teaching lessons and little miracles. I got to do an exchange with Elder Barton, one of the Elders from my MTC district, it was great! The Elders of Bergerac have made the habit of coming to Périgueux and playing basketball on P-Day so that has been fun, they didn't come this week, but they have came every week for the past 5 or so weeks. They both are strong BYU basketball fans and give me updates, we also have a member that is from Alpine that was keeping me in touch with the basketball scene, they had printed us out some brackets and after BYU lost in the sweet sixteen in Over Time, my bracket was killed, I was pretty let down to hear that my cougars have hung up the towel for the year. It is crazy that it is already the end of March, Taylor has been out for a year, it will be my second General Conference out on the mission, it was my second Daylight savings (which was miserable, we switched times the day that we walked about 15 kilometers, I was so stinking tired). I feel like it is the superbowl this weekend, I have been studying up on my conference talks and I am STOKED to listen to the prophet and the brethren, my fellow Elders, I don't remember if I said this already, but I would totally love a personal copy of the Ensign Conference Edition.

I love you all and I hope that you all enjoy conference, and that you can enjoy the teachings of our living prophet this week end as well. I don't have tons of news for you this week, we stubbled onto some kool contacts and we will see if next week we have any rockin golden amis, I will let you know.

Have smashing good week! (influence of my australien companion that I love and laugh with all the time)

Elder Smith

PS I titled this email "Nap" because I just took my very first nap of my mission, the very first time besides the trains that I have fallen asleep in between 6 30 and 10 30, and it was fantastic, probably the best news of the week that I can give you, I don't know what I have been doing for 9 and a half months because it was SOOO nice :)

PSS If anybody is thinking about sending easter packages and things my way you should send singing cards, I really really love the singing hallmark cards :)..........and PEANUT BUTTER :)

à bientot!!!

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