Monday, March 14, 2011

The Tower of Babel!!!

Yo, Quoi de neuf?

I wanna give some shout outs this week to my boys out there this week. GGGG Baby Garrett Happy 11th Birthday!!! and my little stunner Carson will be 3! Wow, that is crazy!
Garrett and Carson, have a great birthday and know that I love you BEAUCOUP!!!

This week was so pretty here in Périgueux, the sun came out, the trees are getting their leaves, all the flowers are blooming and the trees are blossoming, the sky is blue and the work went pretty well. It is a new transfer and I will still be in Périgueux with Elder Bennallack. I am excited to keep working in the city, with these amis and with my son. He is getting better and better with his french and he is becoming more and more like a normal missionary. It is fun to work with him and to be dig into the work with somebody that is excited and ready to learn.

A brief point of buisness: I don't know who is following these emails and I don't know if you that are following these emails remember VANESSA in Carcassonne, but she got BAPTISED this week!!!!!!!! I remember how sad and destroied I was when she decided to not get baptised and I am so so so happy to here that finally she got baptised. She has had a whole herd of missionaries that taught here and the word passed through the grapevine all over the mission that she had finally got baptised!!!!!!! SoOoOo AWESOME!!!

Our amis are doing good. Fabiola and Kevin are both progressing well and their baptisms are set for the 25th of March, they are so kool and they have a desire to follow Jesus Christ, they both have a boyfriend/girlfriend and that might delay the baptism, but we will see. We also have an ami, here name is Diane. she is from congo and she is 15, she is getting baptised on the 9th of April and she is GREAT, she loves coming to young womans and the girls in the branch have all become instant friends with here and it has even brought out some less active young women because they have become friends with Diane, and Diane loves to come to church and activities.

and alas the Tower of Babel. Just a little quick story. There is a big giant 10 story apartment complex that is by the church and it is also set at the very tip top of a hill that over looks all of Périgueux, while I was with Elder Heywood we were trying to guess how many people lived in that building, and then I said to him "Don't you think that at least 1 of those people would be interested in the gospel?" while I was with Elder Heywood we never had the chance to go contacting in that building, but I have kept looking at the building and saying we need to go and call the tower of babel to repentance. But it is kind of out of the way to go up this massive hill, well this week we had a little bit of time at the end of the day and I looked but at the tower of babel and decided that it was time to finally call these people to some repentance. We got inside the building and he headed up to the very top of the building and started knocking, surprisingly everyone was really really kind even if they weren't interested and then we got to the 3rd door, knock knock knock, we were like "hey we are missionaries and we talk about God" he was like "hey i'm african I love god" ( ok so he didn't tell us he was african, but he was a total sterotype) we went in and started talking with him, he is muslim and doesn't want to change but really really nice.....then his wife walked in........she starts to talk to us, turns out that she is from Ivory Coast and she has been in france for 2 years and like 3 weeks before she got to france she HAD A BAPTISMAL DATE IN THE IVORY COAST!!!!!! she didn't show for her baptism because she got nervous and we found her! wow! we haven't taught her a second time but can you spell MIRACLE! crazy

well that is all she wrote, have a great week!!!

LOve Elder Smith

ps good luck to ben with the match ( I have no idea what the match is, but it sounds important and very intimidating, I am guessing it is some kind of decision making process for medical school. GOOD LUCK!)

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