Monday, April 18, 2011


Yo this email is going out to all you back in Zion! As my companion would say, this week was "smashingly good"! The highlight was by far the baptism and confirmation of Fabiola Payé, I will thus recount the story to you.

The baptism was on Friday night at 7 o'clock, Elder Bennallack and I headed off to Fabiola's house to walk with her to the baptism with her two cousins, Kevin and Yolaine. We got to her house at 6:15 and started off to the church, usually a 5-10 minute walk from her house, we got to the church at 6:50. (gotta love walking with Africans, always keeping it chill and there are no worries). We got the church and started the font, because it only takes about 45 minutes to fill up. She got changed and was really excited for her baptism, we got settled in the chapel and I was at the piano, there were the talks given by some members and as I hopped out to see if the font was filled, we still had a little bit to go so, I came back into the chapel and gave the speaker the "high sign" he stalled and talked for an extra 10 or so minutes. When the time came, we filed out into the baptismal area and Elder Bennallack took her into the water. After she was baptized she started to laugh in the font because she was so happy (it is just the kind of person that she is). The Branch President kind of shot me a look like "is this person really ready to be baptized?" Her being the "brown sugar attitude little lady" that she is took a good 10-15 minutes to get her hair looking good. The Branch President again shot me the same look. She came back into the chapel and she had wanted to bear her testimony, she started out a little giggly and again I got the look, she then started to really talk about the change that had happened in her life since I had talked to her on the street 2 months ago, she bore a POWERFUL testimony of her baptism, of the power of prayer and her gratitude for the Savior Jesus Christ, as I looked at the Branch President he had tears in his eyes and had been deeply touch by the words of Fabiola. The spirit was very strong and I was very grateful to have been a part of her conversion. At the end of the testimony she invited her cousins to be baptized and again it was a powerful moment. At the confirmation on Sunday I had the chance to give her the Holy Ghost, it was very uplifting and I felt the spirit confirm to me that she had done what was necessary and that her sins were forgiven her. Fabiola is great and I am so happy and grateful to have met her.

There are lots of things happening in Périgueux and I will be excited to see what happens this week as it is the end of transfers, her cousin Kevin will we baptized the first weekend of next transfers and we have about 5 or 6 baptisms lined up for next transfer!!!! I feel that the Lord has sent me to Périgueux and I hope that I can continue to move forth his work no matter where I am. But I wouldn't mind a little bit more time in Périgueux. We will see :)


Elder Smiss

Playing around with the Valentines Card

Fountain in Perigueux

Fabiola's Baptism

Fabiola and cousins, Kevin and Yolaine

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