Monday, April 25, 2011


You people are mutiplying like rabbits! Congrats Alicia and Aaron and Ben and Tanelle, I can't believe this at all! When I get home there will be more smiths that I don't know than I do know! I want to know names soon so that I can start to pray for these little ones, and Alicia and Tanelle will now be getting a little bit more prayer power so these babes are NICE and safe. I hope that easter was fun and that everyone had a NICE time as well.

I guess you are wondering why I keep capitalizing NICE as well, it is because I just got transfer to a city called "Nice" pronounced (Niece), I think that it is appropriate that is is pronounced "niece" as well seeing that, there might be some nieces on the way, (This email is fun of puns, and I am chucklying pretty good in my NICE cybercafe, ha ha ha ha)

I don't know what to tell you about NICE because I just got here, I am now next to Italy and I spent a NICE 11 Hours and 53 minutes in the train today, 8 hours and 32 minutes of that was in the same train, so I am pretty NICE and tired and I feel in a daze, I am in a new team of 3. Elder Brough, who was in my district in PĂ©rigueux ( he is from West Valley and I love him!, we get along so good and we used to always talk about how we could be companions, I freaked out when I got the call) and Elder Duncan ( he is from missouri and super NICE as well). Nice is said to be the prettiest city in the mission, the bishop lives in Monoco and we eat at his house every wednesday. We also will be here for the Monoco grand prix that is in Iron Man 2, it starts in 3 weeks. It is a pretty big city and has a very NICE ward, it is the center of the stake and has been baptising like crazy this year. We have 5 missionaries in nice, 3 Elders and 2 sisters. I am a District Leader again, we have Cannes in our district, there are 4 missionaries in Cannes. So it is going to be pretty crazy, I am really really excited to be here and I was very sad to leave PĂ©rigueux. I loved our amis and our members, they threw a crepe party for me when I left, I took tons of pictures but my camera is in my bags.

I hope that the easter hunt went well, we did a little easter egg hunt as well, after we ate with a member on sunday, she had hid eggs all over her house and we went on the hunt, it was great and it kept my finding skills NICE and refined for the easter picnic 2013. I hope that everybody is safe, and sound and that those of you that are traveling are have a good time as well. I will send pictures next week. It is looking kinda of shaky for skype for Mothers day but I will give you more details next week.

Love you lots and have a NICE week, ha ha

Elder Smith

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