Monday, April 4, 2011

Seigneur, Merci Pour Le Prophete!!!

Well I absolutely loved conference. I really loved priesthood session because it was the only one that I watched in english, I love to hear the voices and the conviction in the voice of our beloved prophet and apostles. I am honored to be able to have the same title as "ELDER" as they do. I was able to watch the saturday afternoon, the priesthood and the sunday morning sessions. We were really trying to get Fabiola out to the conference, because she hasn't been able to come church the last 2 weeks because she got sick and she had family things. We called her up and she told us again that she wouldn't be able to come church, this time she had a much lamer excuse that her feet hurt and that it was too far. I didn't except and we went and found her with a member. she is still on schedule and should be baptised this friday.

The cybercafe guy just told us that he is closing up for the night, so I am sorry that this email is super short and that Jen is not going to get a separate email. forgive me?

This week was a little crazy

Tuesday - exchange with the zone leaders in bordeaux
Wednesday - the only normal day of the week that I got to work in perigueux
Thursday - exchange with brive and my elders in bergerac got attacked and peppersprayed ( that ain't kool)
Friday - a special leadership training with pres. carter, it was just 5 missionaries and president teaching us leadership skills he wanted us to us AFTER the mission in our wards and families. it was so so so cool
Saturday and sunday, conference mixed with service projects and random stuff

I love you all and I know with out a doubt the thomas s monson is a prophet and i am so grateful to have heard this prophetic cousil and love this weekend. the lord lives and he loves us!!!

Love elder smith

ps i dont know if you have this picture already
pss i have had a cold for the last week, so pray for me?

loves hugs, don't do drugs

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