Monday, May 23, 2011

La Parole de Sagesse

In the early days of the church, the young prophet Joseph Smith recieved a revelation concerning the use of destructive substances that we call today the Word of Wisdom or in French " La Parole de Sagesse". The Word of Wisdom is a commandment and law of heaven given to the saints to that they would be able to be worthy of the companionship of the holy ghost and so that they could respect their bodies, a gift and temple of god.

This past week we were doing a little grocery shopping, I asked Elder Duncan if he could go grab a couple bottles of "Champommie" (non alcholic sparking apple cider) because we would be having a baptism. I have done this for every one of my baptisms, it is fun because they have a cork and you can pop the cork and celebrate your baptism. So off he went to get the Champommie. We bought the Champommie and we continued with the week. We bought 2 bottles so that we could drink one during the week and one after the baptism. Well on Tuesday Elder Duncan and Elder Brough went off to Cannes for an exchange, when they got back we thought in would be a fun time to celebrate their return from the exchange so we broke out the champommie, we got lunch ready and we put the Champommie on the table and we ate. It was super delish, we had thai food that I stole from Robby Parker and then we ate the muddy buddies that Elder Brough had gotten in his package. We then shook up the Champommie and laughed as we popped the cork at our all too innocent wednesday lunch. We filled up the classes, me being the thirsty camel that I am downed a good glass of champommie, elder brough left his on the table and went to the kitchen and elder Duncan had a sip, about the same time as I finished my full glass and the after taste hit the back of my throat elder Duncan had finished his sip. We looked at each other and said " we should have gotten the real brand not the knock off this tastes funny." His sip tasted funny and my glass full was making the walls bend a little and my head hurt. We decided to examine the bottle and our Champommie was indeed not champommie but rather alcholic cider, weak for a wiskey drinker but a punch in the face for a first time afternoon sipper.
So I totally had a hangover for like 3 hours and grew my testimony of the inspiration of Joseph Smith.

Also on a more righteous note we had a baptism!! James got baptised and he is doing great, a brother baptised him and elder brough confirmed him. It was super super kool, he has known the missionaries for like 2 years and he is going to be a great missionary, he already has several friends in the ward because he has been coming for so long, and he knew a member before the missionaries. He also was there on sunday and we was participating in priesthood and adding comments. he is still young in his gospel life, but he is on the right path and it was really kool to be able to harvest the works of so many other elders. We also got Antonio to come out to the baptism, he liked it but because he hasn't recieved all the lessons we have pushed back his baptismal date for the 4 of june. He is super rad, and I want his entire family to end up in the church, the kids and his wife are starting to sit in on the lessons and things are looking good (he is from portuagal mom)

Well I hope that you had a really great week, today for p day we are going to monaco to take pictures of the grand prix so I will try to send some pictures next week.

I love you all and pray for you

LOVE Elder Smith

and don't forget alcohol is not the answer to your problems

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