Monday, May 16, 2011

I am out of ideas for the Subject Bar!!!

This week was the best yet hear in Nice. it was a nice week :)

We taught a bunch of lessons and we are starting to hit the groove together. We had a total of 21 lessons and it was all credit to better organization. Instead of running around all day and being a little late for things or waiting for the bus. We had appointments in the same part of town, we had double confirmed all of the appointments so that people didn't stand us up. And it went alot better. Even though we taught the most amount of lessons that I have taught since I was in Carcassonne there is still plenty of place to improve. If we can keep it up we will hit 30 lessons, but it will take a little bit of work. That is probably one of my biggest pet peeves as a missionary, bad organization. I even hate it more when it is my fault. So this week made me feel a little better, but there were still a couple of moments that could have been better and I should have made different plans as the 1st companion, but we learn and move on.

We are hoping to have a couple of baptisms this weekend as well, we should have James, and Antonio. It could be a little shaky because there are some struggles with the Word of Wisdom and also with Tithing but we are going to push forward and we hope to see some new members of the church here soon.

Antonio is really kool, and this week he invited us to eat with him and his family at his house, they have 3 kids and they love us, and we love them. Everytime we are there we are just laughing and laughing, unfortunately though the family didn't come out to church on sunday and we are having a hard time getting hold of them. I think that the mother isn't a huge fan of us, because she wants her family to be catholic and she feels like we are trying to change her family from her traditions, she is kinda of right, but we are doing so that they can be together forever. This week we will see, because the thing that is the most important is that they get a testimony of Joesph Smith and the Book of Mormon, it will be close but i hope that we can get Antonio baptised and so here after I want to get the whole family in the font.

James is really kool and he really has the desire to be baptised, he has been taught for about 2 years by the missionaries and this time he picked his own baptismal date, but he is a smoker. He is down to just 1 or 2 cigarettes per day, but if he doesn't stop today we will have to push back the baptism. I wants to be baptised and he has a testimony but he just needs to stop smoking, he wants to and he has received several blessings he just needs to do it this week.

All and all it was a pretty good....or rather a nice week, but we can still work harder. I hope that everyone is doing well, and i loved getting the letter about Mully. He looks like tooth pick and it sounds like he is doing some good work, that was the first time that I have heard anything about him since I got to the field, so I was super excited

Speaking of toothpicks, I am loosing weight as well. We don't have a whole lot of time to eat here in Nice because our apartment is kind of far away and it takes too much time to come in, so we eat alot of sandwichs. when I left perigueux I weighed about 70 kilos and now I am down to about 67 / 66.5.

Have a nice week everyone

elder smith

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