Monday, May 9, 2011


"There is beauty all around when there's love at home"

It was so great to see/hear from all of you. I got to see sara for like a split second and I never got to see Elizabeth, Alicia, Aaron or Carter, but I heard them. Tim, Jens, Ellie, Tate and Drewy. I am sorry that I didn't get to see you or hear from you. But I love all and I hope that is well and that you had a great mothers day. Speaking of mothers aswell, I got to express my excitement for Alicia but not for Tanelle. But don't worry Tanelle I am just as excited for you. I didn't get the info slipped to me ahead of time, so for you the surprise actually worked! I think it is awesome that I get to be the favorite uncle 2 more times :)

But really it was so so so good to see you all, I was so overwelmed with excitedness and with happiness I think that I was just rambling and laughing for the entire hour. Yesterday I was honestly touched by the fact that we could all be together just for a little minute. It made me realize how our Heavenly Father must feel as we take steps down the path to his eternal kingdom. I can only imagine that the happiness of reaching his presence with all of our family at our sides, is like yesterday times about a billion.

I don't have a whole lot of updates to give this weeking seeing that yesterday I gave you all my updates, but if you want I will give you low down on a couple of our Amis

Antonio - he is from portugal, he is engaged to be baptised the 21st of may, he has 3 kids and a wife. it is an awesome family, for the moment it is just him that is getting ready to get baptised, because his wife is really set in the catholic tradition, she loves having us over and is very kind, but does not want her children or herself to be re-baptised. Antonio has never been baptised so she is all fine and dandy with him being baptised into the church, but she has already been baptised. it is something we see all the time, people that are baptised for tradtion, but they don't really understand that it is covenant that needs to be made by proper authority. so we will see if this week we can start to get the family on board as well

Jacques - he is cool he is about 25, he knows the bible really well and loves the book of mormon, he is engaged for the 21st aswell, but he needs to stop smoking so that is what we will be trying to do this week

James - he is kool and today offically he stopped smoking, he really wants to be baptised because he loves the idea of a forever family and he wants to have a family that is raised and based on the principles of our church. he is engaged aswell for the 21st, he is really really kool and I hope that we can get all 3 of them wet in the up coming weeks. We are still on the hunt for new amis so this week we are going to PUSH it, we decided that after talking to our families we want to be the best missionaries possible so that we can live up to all of you back at home that are so strong and valiate in the gospel.

I love you all and was so happy to see you!!

Have a great week!!

Elder smith

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