Monday, June 27, 2011

Mission 1 Mission 2 !!!!

So I have been on the mission for a year and it is weird weird weird and double weird. Sometimes I feel like I have to do what I have done all over again and sometimes I feel pressure like, there is no time left. I just feel weird.

I will start out by addressing a couple of requests. The package that you supposedly sent, has not come.
Also I have the address of the mission.

8, Chemin William Barbey
1292 Chambesy (GE)

So for my one year mark, I just went out and worked and had a normal day, with ward meetings, teaching lessons and contacting people in the street, it was a good day and we worked well. We came in at night and planned for the next day and I ate some chocolate jello pudding that mom sent me for Easter, it was delicious :) So the night was drawing to an end and I realized that for my entire life I was going to have to tell people that I did nothing for my one year mark, so with about 10 minutes left in the day, I took a bunch of blankets and built a fort around our beds, I put the fans inside and for my one year mark we slept in a fort. It was fun, not very exciting but it was something :/

On Tuesday we had district meeting and after I had an exchange with the zone leaders, it was a blast we went and ate with members because my zone leader served in nice like 4 months ago and there was a bunch of ward members that wanted to see him, we worked as well and all in all it was a good time.

On Wednesday we went to Monaco and taught a less active, we got stood up by our member that was going to help us with a lesson and then we ended up not being able to teach our ami, so that was kind of a bummer but we laughed alot with the less active and his family ( It is the son of the bishop.....ex bishop, he got released like 3 weeks ago)

Our Ami, Rimas, the ruskie is going great!!!! I love him, he eats up everything and just wants to learn more, we decided to watch the testiments with him in russian and english subtitles, by the end of the film there were no dry eyes in the room. The spirit was so so so so strong, we then read a little passage from the book of mormon with him and bore testimony of Joseph Smith, I asked him how he felt as we read and watch the film, he looked at us in silence with his misty eyes and just tapped his heart, and said "boom boom" it was slightly humerous because he doesn't speak french very well, he then look up a word in his dictionary that means "touched". It was a powerful moment. It has been pretty cool teaching Rimas because it has not been us AT ALL that has taught him, he has been converted by the spirit, we teach very simply and we give him passages in the book of mormon to read in russian and he reads and prays and he has had a massive change in heart since the missionaries met him, and even since I met him. He is great and things are looking alright for this Saturday, he should be getting baptised!

I really love this work, since I got to nice I have just felt tired, I hope that I come back to the SLC airport on my feet. The nights are getting so short and the alarm is getting foggy-er and foggy-er. Don't worry, I get out of bed on time but I don't know if my morning prayers are getting understood. I feel like I close my eyes for like 2 seconds, but who needs sleep when you can baptise!!!!

Yesterday we were in Aix en Provence, and we said goodbye to President and Sister Carter, it was so so sad, they have served the Lord with all their hearts and the spirit was so so strong as they testified of the time that they have had here in the south of france. I love them so much, they have taught me so much and I know that the Lord is happy with the work that they have done. Next week we will be in Aix en Provence again to meet President and Sister Murdock. It is a crazy change but I am sure that it will be good.

I love you all and I know that this church is true and I wouldn't trade this mission for anything! have a great week!!!

Elder Smith

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