Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oops I got Baptized :)

I like Elder Harris, he puts in good work, and I had a week that was the most enjoyable. We contacted a lot of people and have set a good pace for this transfer. Something that I have struggled with is contacting people in the bus and on the tram, I don't know why but it is just way too awkward, Elder Harris showed up and just went for it, so I have also being doing a lot better with that and I am grateful that he just jumped in and started. We started to get in sync with each other when we contact and when we teach and we taught a fair amount of times and we have got some good people headed our way. It is going to be a couple transfer or 2.

We are teaching our ami that is from Russia and he is loving the book of Mormon, he set the goal to finish it before his baptism and he just loves everything that we teach him, he comes to church for all 3 hours, he wants to see us like 4 times a week and he is becoming friends with all the members, it is legit. and I love him. Everytime that I see him I always say "priviette moi brat" (I have no idea how to spell that) but it means "hey my brother". He laughs everytime and always says something in Russian that I don't understand. He is lined up to be baptized on the 25th, and he is very very excited, as are we.

We also found a young Chinese man named Li he is super cool, he is kinda of like one of the fake investigators in the MTC, because he asked blunt perfect questions like. "What is the purpose of my life?" "How can I be happier?" "Who is God?" "What does Jesus do for me?". He is awesome and asked if he can come to church EVERY week, he made an emphasis on EVERY. I informed him that we wouldn't mind and that he is very welcome to come to church. I hope that he will be baptized this transfer as well, he also loves the book of Mormon and the plan of salvation. I need to know how to say "hey my brother" in Chinese as well so dad if you could email that to me pheonoetically that would be great. He is from somewhere near Wuxi so that was cool that I had been there and he is like 21. he will be a future bishop when they open up china.

Story time : Alright Family I got baptized this week. I know that I went to France to baptize people but I got tricked and I am now Raellian. oops :)

So we met some guy that is Raellian, it is some weird group that believes that they have a prophet and he is alive now in Canada, they believe that God is an alien and that there is a big planet where god lives that is full of people that can resurrect other people and that are perfect, he also has talked with angels and apparently one of these angels stole his arm. The guy is like super super super weird but nice and wanted a book of Mormon, so we fixed a moment and met him on a bench and talked for like 25 minutes. He loves the whole Joseph Smith story and had heard it all before, he has already read the Book of Mormon but gave his copy away. We talked about how we need to be baptized and that is why Joseph Smith is so important, because by him the power of god was put back on earth, not just a good message about god and Jesus. He had all sorts of weird ideas about nuclear weapons and aliens and Kolob and governments and angels and prophets and scriptures that he had wrote, He claims to be a messenger and prophet that is here to prepare the world for the end. So we pretty much threw in the towel because it was not worth talking about all these weird things, we were wrapping things up and we were telling him goodbye and he turned to us and said "God is listening to you right now, more than he usually does, (he raised his eyebrows, kinda of telling us that he was the prophet that was going to bring in the last days) and in this action of places my hand upon your shoulder (He put his one and only arm on Elder Harris) I baptize thee" ( then he did the same thing to me). we thanked him for the baptism and told him to call us when the angel tells him that the Book of Mormon is true and that Thomas S. Monson is actually the prophet on the earth.

and just like that I now am a Raellian!
I was WEIRDED OUT, but we did laugh for awhile as we walked to our next appointment

Answers to Questions
We have no AC, we sleep with a fan on our face and the windows open, it is pretty temperature and humid though
I don't know what I am doing for my year mark
I have received no packages

I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week and say Mormon!

LOVE Elder Smith

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