Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sorry time is short!

Love you mom and dad, I really really loved your letters this week. Here is the Banniere and some pictures as well. I am almost up to my year mark and it feels so very strange, Jake and Trent and also now on the down hill. We are working and trying to get things going here in Nice. This city has so much potential and we are not getting there, I feel a little blocked because we are contact information (that is what we do all day, we just talk with people as we walk from Rendez-vous to Rendez-vous, it is there name, number and address) but there are SOOO many people that stand us up or give us fake information. Each week that I have been here we have gotten 30 or more people but in total here in Nice we have had only like 14 new people and only like 2 or 3 off those people have gotten to a 2nd or 3rd lesson. In Carcassonne and Perigueux we would get like 10 a week and we would get like 4 or 5 people to a 2nd lesson. I hope that this week will be a turn around because we found 7 new people and we will see if they get to 2nd and 3rd lessons this week. I am feeling good, I am starting to feel old with my year mark creeping up on me, this week I started to feel really tired by the idea that I have a year left, but after some prayer and testimony boosting I am ready for another go at it. I LOVE YOU and I know that this work is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet and the fullness of the gospel is once again on the earth, even if I am tired I cannot deny the testimony and knowledge that my Heavenly Father has given me. I cannot deny it so I must share it!!

Our amis are doing well and Antonio Saurez is lined up to be baptized this weekend

James is doing well and had a great first week as a member of the church

My name is Matt Smith and I have been sober for 10 days

We have another ami his name is Rimas, he is from Russia and he is lined up to be baptized on the 24th of June

Sounds like there is some crazy water in Utah, and it also sounded like Tanelle had some crazy on her lap :) ha ha

These are some pictures from Monaco and my life as a missionary, I have been loving this city and my companions and we will see next week if everything stays the same or if we have some changes because it is the end of the transfer!

Thank you Elizabeth for the update, you got me laughing out loud, another Pack BOY!!! Super super kool!

We are down to the last month of President Carter so everybody is going hard with the pedal to the floor to send him off on a good note, the mission had the highest amount of new amis, people engaged and at church since president carter got here last week



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