Monday, October 31, 2011

Allo Oui....n

Ginette - She is doing well, she broke 2 ribs last week so that made it hard for us to teach her, she is so great and has a great desire to be baptized. She is 85 and a friend of some members, she asked us if she could be baptized. She is getting baptized next week after church, but we still have to teach her a lot this week, so we hope that we are going to get everything taught before Sunday, because she is a little older we have to go a little slower with her and we don't appointments as often, so she is going to get one massive lesson this week with lots of commandments and good stuff all at the same time. She will be the older active member in the ward, and the relief society is excited for her to be their adopted grandma. she is so cute, she took me by the cheeks and gave me a big Grandma kiss on the cheek at church because she was so happy for her baptism, it was pretty funny. Elder Claflin looked at me like he had dodged a bullet and then she turned to him and slapped a big one on him as well. She is a very sweet lady and she wants to meet those that come to pick me up.

Greg - He is doing great, we have been seeing him lots more often, we ate with them 2 times last week and he is doing well. He came to all 3 hours of church and we feel the spirit with him each time that we are together. He accepted to the life as a member for a month and to see how he feels he is doing great and he says that he feels about the same because he hasn't had to change much.

Robine - she is from Madagascar, she came to a child baptism this week and loved it! She is getting baptized on the 12th of November. She is so sweet, she is getting close with members and doing really well. She loves the Book of Mormon!

I love you all and hope that you have a great Halloween, sorry that this is short! I expect pictures of costumes and I need reports on the pregnants!

Love Elder Smith

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