Monday, October 3, 2011

I love conference like a fat kid loves cake

So this week was pretty good, I am getting nervous that my time with Elder Claflin is winding down, I would stay 5 transfers with him if the Lord would let me, we will see this weekend if we have any news and if he or I will be on the move.

Monday - We taught are ami Christophe and we dropped him......we were super direct with the law of chasity because he has some big issues with it and we called him to repentance with love,but very boldly. He told us that he wasn't ready to make the changes and that he didn't want to, so we told him that we would pray for him and that when he was ready to change we would love to help him. sad but necessary. Then we knocked doors

Tuesday - We knocked doors and we did lots of contacting close to the institute building, we were just inviting everyone to come to institute or come to english classes

Wednesday - we visited a less active sister and then we taught some lessons and knocked some more doors. We also taught english class for the first time in aix,
that was really fun, we had some cool people show up and we are hoping to be able to teach them in the weeks to come.

Thursday - knocked more doors and talked to people about coming to institute

Friday - knocked more doors and talked to people about coming to institute

Saturday - we went and helped our ami Francoise with her apartment, we painted her kitchen and talked about
conference with her, she was really excited to come. Then she got really sick and wasn't able to come
*then we watched the first session of conference and that was really great. I love love love general conference

Sunday - we watched priesthood and the other 2 sessions. We weren't able to see the last session because it is in the middle of the night here.

Our ami greg, that went to Salt Lake last week with his wife (who used to be a missionary at temple square) came to conference and we were able to talk with him, he loved salt lake and now he wants to re-take the missionary lessons and find a testimony. That was super cool, they are going to be out of town this week but next week we are going to start up with the lessons. We will be baptised, there is now question.

My thoughts about conference :

There was a couple of messages that seemed to keep coming through and I think it would only be wise to head to the prophets counsel

1 Be an Example
2 Repent
3 Share the Gospel (MOM AND DAD) :)

There were also lots of other things but these were the things that seemed to be very very clear as i listened, there were lots of speakers that
talked about these same subjects. I especially loved Elder Eyring, Sister Dalton, Elder Callister, Elder Perry, and Elder Anderson.

I know that we are guided by the prophets of god, the signs of the times are around us and the teachings of this conference were as
clear for me as king benjamin or the words of chirst himself. There are things that are before us and we cannot see them clearly but our prophet can see them, I am so so so grateful for the chance that I had to watch conference and i can't wait to study the ensign in a couple of weeks!

I love you all

Elder Smith

ps today i am going to geneve, for a couple of days and then
we are head back to nice to do an exchange, I think that is week will be full of running and sprinting and I hope that we will get some time to teach and find

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