Monday, October 10, 2011



So this week I am in marseille for transfers and I don't have lots of time, I am in a shady cybercafe that you see in movies, where some guy with a beard is hacking the whole word.....I pretty sure that I just saw that guy.

I have so good news and some really good news and then some even better news so lets get started

good news 1 - I had a wonderful week traveling and seeing lots of missionaries and listening to President Murdock! He is a great man!
We left right after I sent the email last week, we took a speed train to Lyon and then a slow train to Geniva, we got to the mission home at about 8 oclock we had a very nice small dinner with Sister Murdock and then we went to bed, the next morning Elder Claflin went and did stuff for his visa and then we had a counsil with the other zone leaders with president, it was awesome and he is called of god! That lasted till about 7, after train strikes and problems we got to the appartment in lyon at 1030 with 10 other zone leaders in an appartment for 2, we then slept till 5 and carried super heavy boxes of book of mormons through the city of lyon and took another speed train to nice, we gave them some book of mormons and then I went back to aix with elder harris for an exchange, we worked well and found and taught a new investigator

good news 2 - Friday I learned that I get to stay with Elder Claflin for the next transfer in aix, we were praying and we really wanted to stay together for a 3rd transfer! I am stoked!!!!!!!!

good news 3 ( the best ) - our investigator Francoise, ( we painted her appartment) came to church! we found 3 new investigators and our investigator greg is practically already wet for baptism! Sunday was great!

We went and ate with greg and his inlaws ( who are members) They stuffed us with cake and crepes! like stuffed us, I thought I was going to die, we laughed alot and then had a really really great family home evening and after Elder Claflin told greg and his wife that we were staying together. His wife laughed and said "so that gives you 6 weeks to baptise greg" then greg said "next week when we start the lessons again I think it will only take 6 days!" Appartently after he went to salt lake city, he found his testimony, we still need to teach things to him to answer some small questions but greg would have NEVER said that before he went to salt lake city!

I love greg, and I am so glad that we get to stay here with him for at least 1 more transfer!

I love you all and I hope that you are doing well!
Tate and Carter! Don't be sick I won't allow it!

LOVE, Elder Smith

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