Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy V alentines Day!


This week has been the week where we have seen the most progress in our area and that we have been pretty busy with mission stuff. This week we have found 3 new investigators, 2 of which are a family that has accepted to be baptized when they have a testimony and hopefully they will come to church this week as well. I will let you know how things go with them. It is a mother and her son, Valerie and Louic, they are really great and are looking for a church to guide them, they are french and we found them in old teaching records.

This week was kinda crazy as you can see because I am writing to you on Thursday, but I am alive and I am happy and doing well. This last week was transfers so I haven't had the chance to sit down and send out an email, lucky mom and dad asked lots of good questions so I am just going to answer some questions.

This is your first transfer being on the administrative side of things how was it?
It is really cool, we spent a lot of time in front of the transfer board and president would bounce ideas off of us, then we would go teach a lesson and we would come back and he would have changed things and prayed and we would start again. We did that for about 3 days, but there were so many times when we could see that the spirit would hit President and he would just start making tons of changes. I also came to realize how much he loves all of the missionaries, he worked so hard and took the time to pray for each elder or sister and at the end, it was perfect. He is a great servant of the Lord and he is inspire, I love getting to work with him.
Do you escort the missionaries around?
Yes, we spent all day monday from 4 in the morning until 10 30 at night and tuesday from 6 in the morning until 6 at night just driving people to the train station, and driving people to the airport and then going contacting with the new missionaries and helping people with transfers. We also did a training with all the trainers and all of the new missionaries.

Would it be necessary or make sense to arrange for hotels in advance?

If arranged in advance it would be cheaper, but it is very possible to wing things. We also have the invitations of some members for eating and visiting things.

If so, is that something that should be done from there [help from your office staff?} or by guessing where we want to be and when and then doing something via the internet?

Probably a mix of both

What is keeping you so busy?
Being a missionary

Where are you this week?
In Gex and Geneva

I decided that if you went to Bordeau you would probably fly there as well. Is that correct? I was looking at a map and I think that Bordeau is about as far away from you as LA is from us.
Yes, that is correct. We will be doing that this transfer

How are your amis?

Great! This week has been going great and I will keep you up to date next week.

What did you decide about working at the MTC?

I think that I will apply and see what happens, it has been on my mind a bit lately so I think that I will put it to prayer and probably apply and see

Elder Smith

The pictures are kind of old, There are from a less active's birthday party, knocking doors, eating at IKEA, sending missionaries home and just being a goof.

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