Monday, February 20, 2012

Life is Beautiful!


A couple of weeks ago I broke my watch and so this past preparation day we took the chance to go into Geneva and look at a couple of stores for a new watch. We went into a store and looked around. I had found a couple of watches and was deciding between colors. I joked with the sales woman, Elodie, and asked which color she would pick if it was her watch. She said “You should pick the gray one because you can wear it to church on Sunday but it is still fun”. We laughed because it was obvious that she knew the missionaries. She told us that she often saw missionaries coming into her store because it is next to the train station. She told us that she even came to church several times as a young woman and she is a close friend of one of our current amis. We talked briefly but she had to work so we left her with a card. The next day we went to eat with our ami (her friend) and she was there! She had spoken with him and she wanted to come to our RDV. We set a return appointment with her and then went back and taught her a couple days later. She is a great. She has started to read the Book of Mormon and we are excited to teach her.

It was a miracle! We went to buy a watch on Monday, Tuesday we ate with the sales woman, and Thursday we are in her home teaching her the gospel. We learned to be ready to be an instrument for the Lord because even when we are not looking for people to teach, people are looking for us!

We have began teaching a non member husband of a sister in the ward, they are a young couple, lively and really fun to visit. His name is Yan, he comes to church every sunday and really enjoys his time but he doesn't have a testimony of the restoration yet. He is also building his own house right now, so every spare moment that he gets after work he is working on the house. But we went and talked to them and they agreed to have us over once a week for short lessons of about 20 minutes. We are excited to see him progress, and as soon as he has a testimony of the restoration he will be ready to go. He is reading the Book of Mormon almost daily with his wife and I am super excited to be able to help him find his testimony.

We also contacted a woman named Valerie and her son Loic. Valerie is french, she had been dropped by the missionaries in the past just because she got quite sick and couldn't recieve the missionaries. She is catholic but she told us that she would like to be baptised and come to church. Her son loic is 10 years old and he hasn't been baptised and he would like to come the church youth activities. They are a great family and they are willing to put in their efforts and work towards baptism. He had a really great lesson with them and the spirit was strong, we could sense her sincere desire to find the truth, she has many questions about God and she is ready to find answers.

We also have been teaching the Attobra family from the congo, I have spoken about them in the past, and things are kind of off and off with them, but we went and taught their daughter, Anais, she is 17 and really cool. She is the most interested out of everyone and she really connected with the young single adult member that we brought with us.

Unfortunately only Yan was able to come to church on sunday, but I feel that we are on the rise and that their is progess to be seen in Gex. Keep us in your prayers!


Elder Smith

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