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This week was a good one. We spent a bit of time in the office getting things ready for zone conferences this week and we also got out and hit the ground. I put in some pictures of some office work at its finest. We have changed how zone conferences and district meetings function so we have been in the books and papers a bit but that stuff is boring to talk about so I would say much more.

We spent most of the time that we were out of the office passing by members homes or teaching amis, unfortunately we didn't get tons of time to get and find some new people, but we still have started teaching 1 new family that is REALLY REALLY cool. We found their name in an old door to door book and then we contacted them and we got the chance to go over and teach. It was great. The mother is named Lucette and it was her that we were able to teach, because her husband was out of town on work. But she was very prepared by the Lord, she was asking all of the GOLDEN questions like " how can I know if what you are teaching is true?" "How can the message of the prophet bless my family?". Not Kidding. she is very sincere and unfortuneatly we are going to have to see her in about a week because this week we are going to be on a mission tour. We leave tomorrow morning bright and early and then we get home late saturday night. We will be doing a little driving, to Lyon then to Aix ( I love Aix!!) and then over to Montpellier. In Montpellier we are going to do a exchange with Elder Brough and Elder Claflin, two of my favorite companions. I'm excited.

We also went to the largest city in our area ( to be honest it is more of a village) where there are 2 grocery stores and a pretty good amount of people out in the streets and we went CONTACTING!!!!!!!!! I love contacting so much, it is how I have found people during my whole mission, to be honest I am not a huge fan of door to door, actually you could even say that I really don't prefere to do door to door. In our area, we don't really have the choice of contacting because there are only cows and trees that are out, but we went on a saturday afternoon in the city called Ferney-Voltaire ( it is where the famous Voltaire is from) and we found some cool people by contacting. We will be going back :)

There are some pictures of this P Day at the church in geneva, it was fun we played some foot. And then a picture of me being a G while we were contacting.

Life is good and I am loving my mission!
Elder Smith

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