Monday, March 19, 2012

Groa Bisous de Geneve

This past week went like this

Monday - Woke up. Did some mission reports. Flew to Toulouse. Did an exchange with the chinese speaking missionaries and pretty much just contacted for a the whole night. Talked some pretty cool people.

Tuesday- Woke up. Did a conference for all the new missionaries in the southern zones of the mission. Then cool story - We were at lunch for the new missionary conference and Elder Barton, one of the best missionaries ever, joked about us going to his city (Albi) and doing a blitz for the night and then coming back the next morning for zone conference. It seemed like it was a little impossible and we had different plans. Later we finished the conference and as we were saying the closing prayer, I had the feeling that we should go to Albi, so I talked with Elder Bollero and we looked at our plans, turns out that some things changed and that it was possible to go to Albi, so we did. We hurried off to the train station and we sat down in the train and their was a woman about my age sitting close to us and for the entire train ride I had the feeling that I should offer her a Book of Mormon. I started talking to her, but I DIDN'T HAVE A BOOK OF MORMON. I asked if we could come over that night and give her a book, she was interested and agreed. After getting to Albi we went and gave her a book, she had plenty of questions and was excited to come to church. I really felt like we had been lead literally hundreds of kilometers just to meet her. I hope that she keeps listening to the missionaries.

Wednesday- Woke up. Took the train back to Toulouse for zone conference. We taught about planning and about unity. It was really great to back in Toulouse, I love that place soooo much. After the conference we left and took a train to Bordeaux. The train broke down so we were stuck in Agen for awhile. The train got fixed and we got to Bordeaux kinda late and then went to bed.

Thursday- Woke up. Went to zone conference. We taught about planning and about asking good questions and listening. After zone conference we went and contacted for couple of hours in Bordeaux, there were tons of people and I really enjoyed talking to all these people.

Friday- Woke up and contacted from about 11 to 5. Met some cool people and hope that the zone leaders can start teaching them. Went and taught some lessons and then took the plane back to Geneva and got in a little late and crashed.

Saturday- Woke up and went to do some service for the recent convert mother of our ami chiara. Then we went and then we taught the children of another recent convert. They are super cool and they have a nanny that is 18 and she was really open to the lesson so we invited her to church. All in all things went well and I hope that we can help her kids to get baptised. They are willing to be baptised when they have a testimony, so all we have to do is help them have the testimony.

Sunday- Went to church and had 4 amis and then after church we went and taught Yan our ami. He has been
coming to church for a long time and is very open to the church. We had the chance to start teaching
him and we taught him the first lesson. We took the chance to really focus and ask good questions. We
discussed how he has a testimony of the Bible because he has felt peace, enlightenment and answers to
his prayers as he reads. We then asked him the question “What would that mean if you had a similar
experience with the Book of Mormon?” He answered and told us “I think I would have to be baptized”.
It was a powerful moment that we took to explain to him that we were there to help him have a
spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon. He has now only began his path to baptism, but through
some inspired questions we know what we need to teach him and he knows what he needs to learn.

Life is great and we have began transfers this week so it should be fun.
Elder Smith

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