Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transfer Week


This week was transfer week and there is nothing too crazy or eventful to tell you, but this was my week day by day

Monday - Attacked the transfer board with President for about 3 hours and then had P Day

Tuesday - Prepared for the arrival of all the new missionaries and then had to solve a problem with baptismal interview form stuff that took way TOO MUCH time and then we got out and knocked a neighborhood. We had asked a family to pray and send us where they felt like the Lord wanted us to be and it has worked really well. The family sent us to a neighborhood where they have friends and family and then during the week they have called us and told us new areas where we should go and certain friends that they want us to meet. For the moment there are only some great potentials in the neighborhood but it has gotten the members excited about missionary work. I love our members here in Gex.

Wednesday - Attacked the transfer board with President for about 3 hours and then we ran out and taught an ami, named Anai, she is great. She is the nanny of a member and we invited her to church and she has come 2 times. She speaks spanish and is learning french and she has really been touched by the Book of Mormon and by the plan of salvation. We asked her to read 3 nephi 11 and she got tears in her eyes and told us that she new that the book was sent from God, it was a powerful moment, I hope she will be baptised this up coming transfer. Then we came back and attacked transfer board a lot with President.

Thursday- District Meeting and then we attacked the transfer board with President for about 3 hours and things started to just get complicated, transfers were pretty tough this time and so President just stopped in the middle and told us that he need to wrestle with the Lord. We left and went and taught a less active and knocked some more areas where members had sent us. We came back and President had really change the board and everything worked, he is inspired and it is incredible to see the spirit move upon him.

Friday- Some office stuff and then and went and taught the Famille Serrano, a less active family that Elder Bollero and I have been bringing back to church. They are the best and they are almost back to full activity. Last week the brother blessed the sacrament and things are going so so well for them. Their daughter is now looking into BYU and there son is signed up for EFY and the parents and the kids are all at church. It is a true miracle, about 8 months ago they were not that warm with the missionaries and they are now headed towards being worthy to go to the temple. I love them!

Saturday - Random transfer tasks and some good door knocking.

Sunday - We visited some members and did an activity with the ward making brownies and then passing by our amis and some less actives, we also went and taught a partial member family and had dinner with them.

Monday - I got Elder Claflin again as my companion!!!!! I will have spent a total of 7 months with him when I finish, and I will finish with him. I couldn't believe it. I am sad to lose Elder Bollero, he has been such a good companion and now I am back with my brother from Aix! Crazy cool, the Lord is too good to me.

Tuesday - Today - Woke up at 4 45 and took the finishing missionaries to the airport and then today we picked up the new missionaries and have been doing contacting and training all day with them, then tonight we got an hour and a half to get out to our area and do some work.

Elder Smith

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