Monday, March 5, 2012

On the road again :)

Dear Family

This past week we had the chance to be in Lyon and Aix for Zone Conferences and we really enjoyed

being able to see a good number of missionaries. After the Zone Conferences, we had the chance to go to Montpellier for an exchange. We arrived during the evening and we went out and started knocking some doors. We met a man from Haiti that opened the door and was very receptive to hear us. He let

us in and he told us how he had survived the terrible earthquakes that struck Haiti a few years ago. He

told us that he felt that God had kept him alive because there was something that he still needed to

have in his life and that there was something missing. We took the opportunity to testify to him that

200 years ago God again spoke to man and that we had come to tell the world and to find him. He has a

great faith already and he told us that he would follow our message because he felt that it came from

God. It was simply a testimony to me of the importance of stating our calling with boldness. We have

been sent by a Prophet because God spoke to Joseph Smith. It is a reality and it is a blessing to be able

to tell others about it.


Is Joan going on a Mission? If so where? and When?

Yes, her farewell was last week so she leaves soon but I am not sure where she is going….oops, I think I am a bad friend
Do you want to be home for the 4th of July?

YES, I love the festivals of the 4th way too much. But if you would like to stay longer that is ok as well because I would stay in France for the rest of my days if possible.

I know Aix for Sunday, Carcasonne, Nice, what else?????

That is the most important I think, Perigueux is too far I think, and most likely you will pick me up in Lyon so Gex will kinda be out of the way unless you want to see Geneva

Are there things you want to see and do?

Well I haven’t really seen any museums or churchs or tourist things, so whatever you would like to see is great. There is a great Indian restaurant in Nice that I need to eat at, there are the Kool Family and Greg and Jolaine that we have to see in Aix. And we need to see Dawna in Nice. And hopefully Recent Converts in all places.

We thought that we would get a car when we got there and drive around the south and then fly to Paris and use the subways there does that sound okay?
Yeah sounds good, in the south I can drive you to Marseille and to many a site seeing place like castles and all the fun stuff

Okay how was the mission tour?
Good, I got to see all my companions in just 3 cities. I love getting to see missionaries and be taught by them, I might be biased but my mission has the coolest missionaries EVER
How many forms of transportation did you use?

6, a car, trams, buses, subways, feet and an elevator

Are there missionaries on Corsica?

Not yet, but I spoke with the Nice stake president for about 10 minutes about getting missionaries in Corsica and it could maybe happen before I go home, a really big maybe.

I didn't realize that Pres. Murdock was finishing his mission in July as well. Will you have the mission home moved before the new president gets there?
We should hopefully have the mission home in Lyon, like a week before leave.

Have you had a chance to teach the golden family since you got back into town?
Nope, L

How were Elders Brough and Clafllin?

GREAT!!!! I spent the exchange with Elder Claflin, and we were right back on pace. We found a man the first night and started teaching him the next day and he is great and accepted to be baptized, he was super prepared. Aix was Great as well with Elder Baret and Elder Heywood, we slept in their apartment on Thursday night and then Elder Baret even made us breakfast the next morning. He is a good man. I also slept in Elder Allens apartment for 2 nights in a row and did an exchange with him on Tuesday. That was really sweet!

Love you!

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