Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Week, I'm practicly a veteran now

It has been a fantastic week, we had a special devotional and it was .....(drum roll please) Elder Oaks! It was a great talk on the uniqueness and true fullness of our message. I love going to the devotionals because even though some of the topics are not what I am studying or praying about, just being in the atmosphere of the spirit I learn things and prayers are answered. If there is one thing that I've learned the most here, it is that the Spirit gives us answers not only through our own feels, I knew this before but I have experienced it countless times already here. I have been taught by feelings, thoughts, questions, talks, songs, others, scriptures. Everything around me is somehow related to my progression and learning. I love it.
I love singing at the devotionals, there is something about singing called to serve with 2000 other missionaries (striply warriors parallel, its cool I know :) ) we had another devotional on sunday, from sister Elaine Dalton, the general YW president. She talked about Faith, Confidence, Virtue and Diligence, another fantastic devotional! Unfortuantly when all the elders found out that it was a member of the YW presidency people seemed bummed. yet after, we all felt pretty dumb because it was a POWERFUL message, there are things that the sisters can teach so much better and get the message across so much more because they carry that sweet spirit with them.
Benjamin - I love the world cup updates still and I was irrate that Ghana once again eliminated the US. grrrr
Sara well done on the wasatch back and with girls camp, it sounded fantastic and like a great experience. Happy anniversay to Ben and Tanelle Last Week and Happy Birthday to Sara and Elizabeth tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you all while you are at the parade and enjoying the 4th and I look forward to July 4th 2012. There are rumors flying around about us being able to go outside and watch the stadium of fire fireworks, I hope so. but we'll see.
I guess I didn't give too many details on my actual living circumstances so, here they are.

2 companions ships in our room, me my comp. and and elder from kaysville, Elder Tony Hill, and and elder from west vally, Elder Godfrey. Classes are great, long but great. My french is increasing and I'm getting frustrated slightly because my companion is hesitant to speak french so he is declining. We are working hard together and We'll get him head the right direction. The food here tasted good for the first 3 days, but now I will be honest, I hate eating. They but sleeping seditives in the food i sware. When we fast, we have tons more energy and focus (some of that is because we are fasting, yet I know some of it is because we don't have that food in us)

The question has been raised by many if it is distracting that I get mail. THIS IS NOT TRUE! send me as much mail as you would like. I think about you all the time so when I get updates, it allows me to be reassured about your lifes and then I can focus rather than worry. don't feel obligated, yet don't be hesitant to send me letters.

I got the package from the sealys thank you very much, I loved it. I got my license mom and dad, thank you and THANK YOU JEN for the nerf basketball hoop, C'est tres excellent!

Je vous-aime. (I LOVE YOU)

Elder Matthew Sanders Smith

HAPPY 4th!

Forgot to tell you. I will be going to the french consolate in San Francisco this Thursday. leaving SLC at about 7 in the morning, if I'm able, I'll call and say hey from the Airport, I'm not sure what the rules are. and I tried to attach photos but I can't at the MTC so i'll send them in the mail and you'll have to scan them on to an e-mail,once i'm in the field I can attach photos but the people at the MTC hate us having fun (just kidding but sometimes I think that)

Thanks again LOVE Elder Smith

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