Friday, July 9, 2010

People Actually Leave This Place

We lost about 20 elders this week and I went to San Francisco! I will send lots of pictures. I did get to see the Fireworks from the MTC, all the missionaries were allowed out on the south lawn and we were allowed to stay up until they were over. They were good, but I honestly think that K-Town fireworks put the Stadium of Fire to shame. I'm excited to witness the kaysville fireworks in 2012. I'm glad to hear that everyone had fun and that I was represented at the fireworks with my blanket. My french is increasing, I can talk with the fluent french volunteers, it is choppy but I can express myself fairly well. I still have plenty of things to learn and the fluency of my speaking needs alot of work, but I'm definitly learning. But as for San Francisco.......I woke up at 4 AM and got the the airport at about 6, nobody would give me a straight foreward answer about calling but I decided to play it safe and didn't call. I can call in 6 weeks though. It was AWESOME to be out in the real world. in the MTC being a missionary is normal but I am not normal out in the real world. In SLC lots of people recognize us but some people that are traveling are taken back by 11 missionaries that are walking in a pack. We talked to some people, as I sat in the Burger King in the Airport I had a distinct feeling to talk to 2 gentlemen, I was afraid but i approached them. We just talked and nothing came of it, but It was a good experience be able to discuss a little about the church and practice just getting to know and contacting real people. I watch one Elder in our group get SHUT DOWN by a lady, I respect his guts but it was hilarious to see the look on his face! We stepped up and talked to her to ease the awkwardness but it was still so funny. We got delayed but got to San Francisco and went to the consulate. we had shuttle all around San Francisco and it was nice. At the consulate we just gave them paper work and they accepted us and we got visas, it was simple. After we went to Pier 39, that was way cool. People were taken back by us 19 year old boys that are walking around smiling, talking french, with Jesus Christ on their chests. It was neat. I had a delicous sour dough thin crust Pizza at pier 39. People were drawn to us because we were different. One group of missionaries got contact info from a teenager that walked up and was like "how do I become like you, I love being a christian and I want what you have" !!!! it was so unreal, we were shocked that it was so perfect, we hear about those stories in the MTC but they seem unreal, and then it happened! After Pier 39 we went to Girdelli Chocolates and I got a shake, I didn't have the stomach for an Earthquake but it was fun to be there because I remember going there as a kid with the Fam! After Girdelli we went back to the Airport and I crashed on the plane and got back to the MTC by about 9 and crashed at 10 30. It was a great day and a great expericence. As we passed people and talked to them, I couldn't help but think that everyone of these people needs this message and God loves each of them. It was great and got me super excited to be able to go give this gospel to the people in France. Over all a good week! Love you all and thank you for all the support, love and letters. Keep it coming!

This work is true and I loved being able to get a small taste of the real work!

I love you all!

Brother/Uncle/Elder Matt Smith

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