Friday, July 23, 2010


Bonjour ma famille and mes amis! Joyeux vingt-quatre de juillet!!!!

This week we taught at the TRC, our first full lesson en francais. It went well, We said everything that we planned on and I understood everything for the most part. My companion wasn't quite as involved but it was our first time so it's no big deal. We taught for about 30 minutes, he would share a scripture and give about 30 seconds and then I'd talk for about 10 minutes, and then he'd share again. It was really fun! As soon as we walked in the family took a picture of us and after we taught she told us she'd e-mail the picture to us. so when I get it I'll forward it on. The TRC was an eye opener for sure though, I was just starting to feel confident in my french and I've been sufficiently humbled and have plenty more to study.
The food here is getting exponentially worse and I'm super excited for some fresh french food. I get Taylor's e-mail and letters from him, It gets me super excited to go and share this wonderful gospel with REAL people. I also feel like this week was my best week thus far, I have found my groove for studying and I'm much more efficient my time. I love a solid afternoon of studying, at times it is super tiring but I still enjoy being here and the experience of learning and and focusing on the gospel.
This wednesday we 64 new missionaries!!!! Right now we have 32 missionaries, This new group is going to triple us. There will be no showers, no washing machines, no tutors and no more French Investigators (Fake investigators). I am super excited to see some familiar faces. We will get Mully, Ren and Danny this week, they will crowd us, but we all are excited to see some new life in the zone. PS I'm no longer the District Leader, just a regular ole missionary, and thats fine with me, I enjoyed being the district leader but Its nice to have more time for my studies.

I love you all and I'm sorry these e-mails are kinda short, I do the same thing everyday and tres was definitly right when he said it starts to feel like ground hogs day. A great ground hog day, but nevertheless a ground hog day! I love you all and love to hear from you.


Elder Matthew S. Smith

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