Monday, November 15, 2010

Elder Smith's always exciting, and much antisipated weekly update!

Dear Mom/Dad/Aaron/Lish/Carter/Tim/Sara/Jens/Ellie/Tate/Drew/Tres/Elizabeth/Garrett/Charlie/Morgan/Ben/Tanelle/Addie/Nathan/

This week was good. We taught like normal and we have been going out into the countryside to teach our new ami , Joel, he lives in Capendu, it takes about 30 minutes by car to go teach him. As of sunday he had read all the way to Alma 32, and has only had the Book of Mormon for 9 days. We fixed a baptismal date with him for the 27th of November, His main problem right now is smoking, he smokes alot. I think that the word of wisdom is the biggest struggle that people have here. The Wine is a part of the culture and everybody smokes, when we pass infront of the Junior High Schools, there are big groups of 13 and 14 year olds who are out smoking infront of the School. When I first arrived in France it shocked me how much people smoke, I think it is nasty.

We also went out into the countryside to teach Carlos this week, and at Church I confirmed him a member of the church. It was a really cool experience, I had been really nervous during the week, because I wasn't confident with my French. I had been praying all week for the gift of tongues and right before the confirmation I said a quick prayer. As I started to talk, it wasn't a problem at all, I found all the words that I needed and I really felt the spirit guide me and as I said "recevrez Le Saint-Esprit" (recieve the Holy Ghost) it was like the words were falling out of my mouth. After we finished the blessing and I sat back down at the piano to play the sacrament hymn, I couldn't remember the words that I said, and I still can't remember exactly what I said during the blessing. The promise in the scriptures really rang true that I would be given the words that I needed and that I wouldn't be "confounded before men". It was Kool.

Elder Sautron and I get along well, it is a little difficult because, he really really doesn't speak english. It doesn't cause contention or anything, it is just streching my french a little bit. We are trying to work out the kinks for the moment as well, I had never changed companions before, and I didn't realize how in-sync Elder Magnan and I were. But nevertheless we are getting along great, and getting to know each and others habits and ways of teaching. It is good and I really am excited to work with him.


1. Tell us more about your companion,how long has he been out? Elder Sautron has been out on his mission for 8 months, he has served in Beziers, Avignon, and Pau...and Carcassonne. He was Danny Allens trainer and he was trained by Elder Ian Thorley, and he is now the District Leader in Carcassonne.

How big of a family? He has 4 children in his family and he is the youngest, One brother and two sisters.

Is his whole family members of the church? - Actually just his brother and him are members of the church, his brother has been a member for about 10 years and he is a Branch President in a little city in the north of France. Elder Sautron himself was baptised two and a half years ago, so actually when he finishes his mission he will have been a missionary for the same amount of time that he has been just a normal member. He is cool, and I think it is super impressive that he left on his mission so fast.

2. Would you phonetically write out your companions name. Sautron (Sore-tron)
3. Does Elder Sautron like to cook like Elder Magnan did or are you cooking now? Yes he still cooks, but not as much as Elder Magnan, In the week that we have been together I have cooked once and he has cooked the rest. With Elder Magnan I think I cook only one time in 2 transfers. But he still cooks like a french person. Almost every meal we start with a salad, then the meal, after bread and cheese and after pudding/yogurt and chocolate/cake. I love it :)

4. Where did Elder Magnan get transferred to? Perigueux. Is that very far from where you are? yeah, it is about 4 or 5 hours away. It is next to Bordeaux in the countryside.

5. Is it windy and rainy? It is starting to get there, we wear our jackets everyday, and sometimes a sweater and coat
Am I getting a cold? Not yet, I didn't tell you but I already had a cold, like a month after I got to France. I had it for about a week and it was slightly miserable, but no my health is fine.

6. What do you want for Christmas? - Rootbeer, Oreos, Peanut Butter, a nice Tie, Pictures, new portable iHome thing, [it broke :( ], New Plug, To talk to everyone, Peace and Tranquility, An eld to world hunger, More Jello,

7. Do you want to keep getting letters from Trent, Jake, Charlie and all your other homies? YES

Love, Love, Love Elder Matt

Ps. We eat with the family from Utah every wednesday, and this week they invited us to eat for Thanksgiving on thursday the 25th with them. Turkey, stuffing, pie, the whole shi-bang, I'm super excited to say the least

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