Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Already? Wow

Happy Halloween everyone, I'm sorry to hear that it was raining in Utah, but I'm glad that you endured, it was raining here as well. I saw 2 groups of trick-or-treaters and nobody was giving out candy. The French Halloween is totally not as cool as ours. Even worse, in 4 weeks, they don't celebrate thanksgiving at all (of course it is a holiday of american pilgrims) you all need to start preparing and eat till it hurts for me.

This week: Carlos is going to be babtised the next sunday and he is strong. We spoke about tithing this week and he said to us "Yes I'll pay my tithing 100%, if I'm going to be baptised and follow the commandments I need to follow at 100%". Amen!!! He is great, but Satan is doing his best to slow him down, his wife (a member) is SUPER SUPER sick, they couldn't come to church because they were at the hospital and if she stays sick they won't be able to come to the baptism, because they live 1 hour away from the church and they don't have enough gas in the car to go to the church and the hospital, just one or the other, so if they have to go back to the hospital, it will mess up the baptism. They are strong, and they both have great testimonies! and I'm excited to see him baptised.

Our Amis Didier is really struggling with cigarrettes, he has told that he wants be baptised and wants to stop smoking but that it is too hard. He has a testimony already of the Book of Mormon, at our 2nd lesson with him, I asked him to read the Introduction and the first 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon, he did and at the 3rd lesson he told me that it was true and that Joesph was a prophet. Amen!!! He smokes about 20 cigarettes per day and is really dependent on them, Satan is also working on him, because this week he has started to get busy and can't fix a moment to see us.

Over all this week was good, but it was rough. We had our lowest amount of work yet, but we had Stake Conference and a Zone Conference, it was really good. President Carter talked to us about having the spirit he then promised us all that if we were totally obedient until 2011, that the Lord would give the mission 40 babtisms before the end of the year. We are kicking it in to high gear, even if it is difficult we are going to work harder that we have yet, and we are going to qualify ourselves for the blessings of the Lord.

This is the last week of the Transfer and most likely I will have a new companion next week, nothing is for sure, but President usually only allows missionaries to be together for 2 transfers, we will see. I think that I'll probably stay in Carcassonne, but again nothing is sure.

Thank you so much for the mail this week, I got a great Package with Halloween Treats and some BEAU-tiful artwork from the Ben, Tanelle, Addie, Nathan and Carson, Thank you!! I also got an invitation to Ellie's baptism! Ellie I'm so proud of you and I know that Heavenly Father will bless you, you are starting down a path that only leads to happiness and blessings, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations and I love you! and Last but not least I got the invitaion to Grandma Sanders Birthday, unfortuately I won't be able to attend, but Happy Birthday Grandma!!! This is my squeeze from accross the Ocean!!!!

I love you all and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here, I've been blessed to be in Carcassonne and with Elder Magnan, and if this is our last week together, we are going to explode the work and sprint to the finish!

Elder Matt Smith

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