Monday, September 12, 2011

Robin Hood, Baptism and the Cops....a good week

Missions are great, lets get started

Robin Hood - As you can see from the pictures I did a little bit of exploring this week. Let me explain. So we went off to teach our ami, sophie, she is super super nice and into nature and natural healing and all sorts of good stuff like that. She lives about 10 minutes from Aix by car, out in the vineyards and just on top of the hill next to her house are these ancient Celtic ruins that look like a Robin Hood movie. We went and saw her and she gave us some drinks and a pie, that was delish, then we embarked on our little journey, We walked for about 8 minutes and we were there. It was actually pretty cool, we took some pictures and then sat down on some rocks and talked about the gospel. she is really nice and has a huge heart, but she doesn't really agree with some commandments, she loves jesus christ and it is always uplifting to be with her, she doesn't have a testimony of joseph smith and that is often what we discuss, either his story and how he came to be a prophet or a teaching that comes from him, word of wisdom, the book of mormon etc etc. Needless to say it was a cool experience and we were able to feel a neat spirit while we were out in the woods a little bit. We finished because it was getting dark, and we left with the spirit

Baptism - We were doing a little door knocking and we had an hour left last night and I had the feeling that we should pass by an ami. We headed off to the car and drove over to his apartment and rang the bell, but he wasn't there. We were headed off when I gave him a call and he told me that he was down in town and that he could be at the church in 5 minutes, so we headed off to the church. Our appointments with him, often go off in all directions and we have a hard time getting the spirit, so we decided we were going to have a very very small lesson and then fix another moment for today. We sat down and shared one scripture and then were about to pray. We could tell that he had diffferent spirit about him than normal, we both had the impression to testify of repentance and baptism, I felt the spirit telling me to invite him to baptism, when i looked at my companion and he opened his mouth and invited him to be baptised. We looked at the ground for a couple of seconds and then nodded his head and said "yes I need to be forgiven of my sins" the spirit was strong and we fixed a date with him for the 8th of october, his name is christophe and i am excited to work with him

I am almost out of time so this will be short

Cops - We were knocking doors when 3 people in civialian clothes came up to us asking for papers, we asked why and they then informed us that they are the french version of federal agents, they frisked us and searched our bags because we had left our passports in the apartment, I tried to give them a book of mormon and then unfortunately didn't except. We had to go to the city building right after and show our passports, there was no problem but it was kinda of funny. It was just a random check, they were looking for some kinda of person on the run

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder smith

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