Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Elder Smith and Company

This week was enjoyable and full of traveling

Monday - P-Day, we went hiking with Christophe and a huge wind storm came up us and it was super sketchy so we went back down and went to family night at the institute with him. Also had, our weekly wrestling match in the appartment ( elder claflin wrestled in the past and I think I am bigger than I am. so practically every week I end up trying to take him down and then he puts me in in really uncomfortable wrestling moves and then he teaches me how to get out)

Tuesday - We taught our ami Carline, that is doing well. We taught the plan of salvation with a convert that got baptised 7 months ago and is super super cool, he is getting ready for a mission. Carline has been reading in the book of mormon and she told us that she feels happier and that she feels better in her life, she wasn't able to come to church because her family took a week end trip but we are going to try to get her to come to institute with us this week.

Wednesday - we did an exchange with the missionaries in toulon and we also did some shopping for the zone at ikea, president murdock did a tour of the zone and because we have the credit card with out limits we had to by tables and chairs and stuff for all of the appartments. we did that early in the morning and then we did the exchange, i was with elder stephens , he is from provo, and we worked in toulon. we taught a new investigator and we knocked some doors and talked with a good amount of people but we didn't meet any elect that wanted to learn more.

Thursday - wow, I left the appartment at 8 in the morning at got back inside at 11 45 at night. don't worry we called president, we went to marseille for a district meeting and we went to nice to do a baptismal interview and there was train problems so we had to get home late. that was super tiring to be in transport (4 trains, 4 buses and 2 metros all day) but it was a really great baptismal interview. I felt a very strong spirit as i was able to talk with the young man that got baptised, he is 20 and wants to serve a mission as well.

Friday - We went out to a little village to visit someone, but they weren't there, so we decided to go pass a less active sister. She needed us and we were touched by the spirit, she lost her son 4 weeks ago in a moto accident and she wanted a blessing, her husband isn't a member and he has had a really really hard time with the death of his son. we are going to trying to go back and help them this week and maybe be able to teach her husband.

Saturday - we painted the appartment of one of our amis, Francoise, which was kool. We are hoping to be able to start teaching her daughters and friend that were there as well. Then we knocked doors for while and taught our ami Christophe about the law of chasity. He is engaged to be baptised in 2 weeks, but he has lots of changes to make in his life, he has started and it is really realy cool to see him repenting but we will see if he can be ready for the 8 oct.

Sunday - Church and the start up of institute for the year. it was great! we have about 20 young adults that we are going to try to teach with!

I am out of time but I love you all! I love my mission and to answer your question dad - YES! I am having lots of fun! The best moment of my life!

Love Elder Smith

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