Thursday, December 8, 2011


This week we traveled a bit and spent lots of time trying to contact some less active members.

We took the list of all of the members of the ward and set the goal to invite each of them to come to the Christmas activity and that has proven to be quite a challenge. We have to look in the white pages and talk to lots of people in order to find some of them. It gives a chance to talk to lots of people, because we are just there asking them if they know someone, and then we bring up the gospel and invite them to hear our message. It has taken lots of time and we haven't yet seen some of the fruits that we are looking for but we have hope and faith and are excited to invite all of these people to come to church with their friends and such. There is lots and lots of potential with partial member families and less actives. people that have gone through the temple but have fallen less active and they have children that are not baptised! There is gold but it is kind of delicate to get to it, we are trying our best to really focus on the ward and on getting familes established and headed to the temple.

We also went to Lyon and had a meeting with President Murdock! I love that man, he is so inspired! I could sit and listen to his teachings all day long if I was allowed to. We spent a lot of time talking about how to get all of the investigators that we have to actually get baptised, because in the mission right now we have lots of people with baptismal dates but that are having a hard time staying strong and not pushing back their baptismal dates, it was really great. We are going to try our best to get as many of these people as possible baptised and headed down the right path. In Lyon I got the chance to see Elder Duncan, from Nice, and Elder Claflin from Aix. It was great! (Elder Brough, from Nice is also back into the zone and I will get to see him in 2 weeks, I'm stoked!)

Besides that, it was a good week, a little tiring, it seemed pretty hard to get out of bed this week and hit the work, I don't know why but I was kinda tired, but I am excited to get back to work and bust up aix this week with Elder Baret.

Thanks for the package mom and the singing card. haha you know how much I love those cards.

Have a great week and good luck cleaning up after the huge storm, I hope that I will recognize our house when i get back.

Elder Smith

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