Thursday, December 29, 2011

Families are Great!

Dear Family, Jen, Phillipe, Cousins, Friends and Everyone,

So I don't have a whole lot to tell you because I talked to you yesterday, but I loved seeing you all, and I was glad to meet Tanner and big Carter, I will have to meet Owen on Mothers Day! Sorry to Ben and Tanelle and Ky and Jeanell, I would have loved to see you but I am also glad that you went to Church. I wouldn't be a very good missionary if I had kept you from going to church, I was shocked at how much all the kids have grown, I am pretty sure you are aware of that seeing as I said it like every two seconds but wow!!! Jens and Garrett especially!! You are men!

We had a great Christmas, I think I told you, but I will tell you again, we woke up and tore into the presents, then we went to church and we sang for the Christmas program then we spent the afternoon talking to our families and eating with our investigators and members! It was a very merry Christmas!

This week when we were at zone conference for Christmas, there was a moment that someone shared a Christmas story and they talked about a family finally being reunited for Christmas after several years, it made me realize how grateful I am for all of you, I didn't need presents or money or candy or anything like that, the greatest gift that I could have was to know that my family and friends were rooted in their faith in Jesus Christ and to know that my Heavenly Father was watching over them. I am so grateful for this present of 2 years that the Lord has given to me, there was a second yesterday when mom started talking about picking me up and about where I was going to live for college and I realize that the time is counting down on my present, I will never be able to thank you enough for allowing me to go on a mission, I will never be able to thank the Lord enough either, I love the Lord and I love you, I feel like the unprofitable servant that King Benjamin spoke of, because I will never be able to thank the Lord enough for what he has given me, it is the largest debt ever, I do 1 thing and he gives me 10, I do one more thing and he gives me 10 more! It is not fair but I am grateful!

What a blessing it is to have a family in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to have a knowledge of his birth, life, death, and resurrection. He was born of Mary, he did live and die and he lives again! It is the good news of the gospel! I know it to be true with my whole heart. I love you all and again I hope that you had a very merry Christmas!

Love Elder Smith

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