Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The weather has started to get pretty chilly, I can't complain it feels like it should have in the middle of november, and we still have lots of sunshine, it is just brisk in the mornings and at night, and once awhile in the afternoon it starts to get hot under a sweater and jacket, so things are pretty well. Everybody has a runny nose because it is the first time this year that it has started to feel like winter. The houses and apartments are have lights up and the whole town is lit up, they have brought in merry go rounds and rides for all the kids just like they did in carcassonne and in perigueux.

Me and Elder Baret are getting along great, we laugh alot and I would love staying with him in Aix. He is always happy and always joking about something, it is good. It is hard for me to work with and be "downers". So Elder Baret and I get along great, constantly playing tricks on each other and goofing around a bit. He is also a mega soccer fan, and that is what I have been waiting for, he play soccer every p day and we got an activity with our investigators and members and we had a pretty sweet soccer match on saturday. I loved it.

So this week we had quite a few setbacks and things but at the same time we finally got to see some fruits of all the labors we have been putting in this transfer. I'll explain, This we started out with a phone call from President Murdock informing me that I will no longer be driving, I was bummed out but there are worst things that happen in life. Then we went on an exchange with nice and I got to see lots of members and people that I had tought it was super cool, I also got to see my Homie G Elder Brough in nice where I had served with him. Thats was great, then we had some bad news, I had the unfortunate chance to send a missionary home early, Elder Mutamba, a great missionary, he was supposed to finish in 2 weeks and had some great baptism set up and he tore his achilles tendon, He was super sad and we took him with us and then set him home with some Elders that had to go to geneve for the office. It broke my heart to see him like that and it made me realize how precious my mission is, he is only going home 2 weeks early and it was very understandable, and if it had been a different missionary it would have been different, but his sadness is what killed me. I hope to see him back at BYU. Then we got home and the missionaries in marseille called us in a overwhelmed state, they had to move from their appartment and they had had help from other elders and stuff but then they were all alone and they were beat, so we cancelled our stuff for half that day and went and took them to lunch and helped them get back on their feet. AND THEN after all that we had the ward christmas party, it was great, we had been encouraging members to bring their friends and we had been inviting lots of less actives and at the party there was 25 non members and 7 less actives, we took lots of appointments and this week we are going to teach 4 or 5 of the families with their friends!!!! The activity was a blast, we had games and a dance(we didn't stay for that part) and a meal, there was a trivia game that they played with the missionaries and a good time was had by all!

Lots of great stuff happened and lots of rough stuff happened but now we are looking at a great christmas and some very promising blessings! I am excited to see you all and to talk to you on skype, I think that I will call at about 9 o'clock in the morning on christmas utah time, that is 5 oclock france time. Sorry if that is too early, but we are going to be a little bit booked on christmas and that is the best time, hope it works! we will be with members that have skype, I don't remember passwords or whatever so I will call right before and get the username and password of one of you like last time.

I love you all and I wish you a very merry christmas!

SEE you next week!

Elder Smith

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